Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva


Jason Silva:  Sending it into space.


Joe Rogan:  It’s what it is.


Jason Silva:  Well


Joe Rogan:  Isn’t it amazing?


Jason Silva:  Isn’t it amazing?  It all comes back and then the metaphor starts to make sense.


Joe Rogan:  If that’s really what Adam and Eve is all about, that’s really what Adam and Eve.. that’s the real creation.


Jason Silva:  Holy shit.


Joe Rogan:  Then eventually, the intelligent animal, once becoming, you know, sentient and aware of itself started rape and killing rampage, started creating bombs and rap music, and death metal.  And then.. and then what?


Jason Silva:  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  And then what?  How do we get out of this alive?  What’s your suggestion?


Jason Silva:  I think that’s where the cultural conversation that is happening.. You know I think what’s really exciting is that the internet allows minds to come together based on shared interests.

And this would mean LOL Cats fans and it’ll also mean, you know, the


Joe Rogan:  I just laughed so many times from LOL Cats.  I’m like, “really?”


Jason Silva:  That’s what I’m saying.


Joe Rogan:  I love a good LOL Cat.


Jason Silva:  I’m not criticizing.  what I’m saying is the same thing that allowed millions of people to come together over shared delight allows also the smartest scientists and astronomers and physicists, and philosophers, and thinkers around the world to collaborate,  to cross-pollinate.

You know, all these minds working together, you know, it creates something greater than the sum of its individual parts, right?  That’s when something transcendent emerges.

You put something together in a a certain way and it leads to something that’s greater.  Two plus two equaling five somehow.

So I’m confident that because  of that we will find innovative solutions that help us address all of humanities grand challenges.  And that’s.. that’s happening.


Joe Rogan:  But you have to recognize each other as a super organism first, right?  We have to recognize each other as we’re all one super organism.


Jason Silva:  Systems thinking.  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.  That’s the only way to do it.


Jason Silva:  You can’t separate yourself from the environment which  you’re embodied in.


Joe Rogan:  At some point in time, we’re gonna have to fix Somalia.  We’re gonna have to fix, you know


Jason Silva:  A hundred percent!


Joe Rogan:  Ethiopia.  These fucked up places where people are starving to death, and they’re uneducated and..


Jason Silva:  It’s totally unacceptable.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah, as a human entity, right?  As a single organism, we have to accept that this is.. we have to reengineer the situation somehow or another.


Jason Silva:  and.. and..


Joe Rogan:  And it sounds like — it’s sound so terrible, but that’s not what I mean.  I mean with education and love and food, and you know.

They can put as much  money into going into war.  Why can’t these fuckin’ peace companies come up with some lobbying money? Imagine if there was..

Just as profitable for peace.. if peace was more profitable than war.


Jason Silva:  Good ideas have never had it better.  On that note, you know, an idea for an airplane, that was a good idea on how to build.  It was a good idea, you know.

And so I think, you, know, maybe we can articulate what those ideas are yet.  But we certainly are creating the spaces in which those ideas are more likely to emerge than any other time in human history.  And that is kind of a fact, I think.


Joe Rogan:    yeah, I don’t think anybody is.. well, as fast as we know in human history, the only thing that fucks me up when I’m not willing to commit to that is the Egyptian period.

There was some crazy shit going on in Egypt, man.  Those mother fuckers.. they might .. they might have been on this level on a parallel level.

It was completely different.  The construction of the heiroglyphics, the architecture.. the engineering.. Well, you know, eventually they died.

You know, the people that realized the highest heights.. it’s very difficult to maintain that tone for very long.  I think there’s a you know, there’s a certain revolutions per minute that you need to be hitting as a society.

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