Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva

So death.. you know, sex and death as the connection to the divine.  I mean it’s all connected.  The drugs, the sex, the transcendence.


Joe Rogan:  Trust me, I loved it when it first came out.  But watch it now, it’s just whoa!  This is fuckin’ terrible.  They’ve gotten so much better about making a movie.

It’s really amazing when you stop and think about there is some piece of evolutionary evidence right there.  Culture from 1950 and culture from today.

Watch now Father Knows Best.  or watch now, you know, Calling Car 7.  Who was that fucking child that they had?  Who was that child?  You remember it was like uh, “Car 69, where are you?” or something like that?


Brian Redban:  Car 54, where are you?


Joe Rogan:  Car 54.  I mean they had a show about a guy driving a car.  He was a cop, right?


Brian Redban:  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  It’s ridiculous.  You know?  remember they had PJ and the Bear?  They had a show about a truck driver with a chimp, right?


Brian Redban:  Yeah, they had show we’ve talked about before.  There was a president that was a chimp and they called him “Mr. Smith” or something.


Joe Rogan:  What?!


Brian Redban:  Right.


Joe Rogan:    We’ve talked about this before?


Brian Redban:  Yeah.  And he was..


Joe Rogan:  I must have been so baked I time travelled.


Brian Redban:  But it’s crazy coz no one remembers this show at all.  And I’ve tried to find it in YouTube and I can’t find it.

It’s called Mr. Smith and it’s a chimpanzee as a president.  And he talked.  He talked like Humphrey Bogart.  “Hey, Bogey.”


Joe Rogan:  And everybody else is a person?


Brian Redban:  Yeah.  yeah.


Joe Rogan:   The chimp was just running around


Brian Redban:  The chimp was just like that and everybody was normal.


Joe Rogan:  Wow.  Okay.  Yeah.  What is that about?


Jason Silva:  I don’t know.


Joe Rogan:  What do you think about people that say that the human being  was actually created by genetic intervention from  extra-terrestrials.


Jason Silva:  Well, at least, that’s interesting.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.


Jason Silva:  I mean


Joe Rogan:  It’s the sexiest idea of all time.


Jason Silva:  Well, you can imagine the planet being seated with the primordial elements that would then emerge.. you know, to set the emergent conditions for complex life to emerge is compelling because we are now doing that with artificial life and synthetic life.

I mean Craig Venter when he invented the first synthetic life form, you know, the signature was written in the DNA.  Like the signature of his name.

Life is now creating life, you know, we are doing intelligent design.  Intelligent design is actually occurring now with synthetic biology.

And so, to think that some far more powerful civilization might have created the .. conceived the terraform of the planet is… I mean it’s not outside of the realm of impossibility.

Certainly compelling idea.  And it’s certainly what we’re about to do.  It’s more interesting than, you know, “God created the heaven in seven days”.


Joe Rogan:  It seems so unfortunate that these fucking asteroids and commets out there.  Coz if it wasn’t for them, I’m like, we’re definitely gonna win this race.

We’re gonna win this race with technology.  We’re gonna pull through.  Eventually, we’ll get our shit together.

But then that might not be the case.  We might be like on the verge of  getting it all together then (makes sound effects).


Jason Silva:  But then Freeman Dyson, not to quote him again, but he said that uh with synthetic biology and all artificial life, we’re eventually going to decode genome of every living thing in the planet.

And then we’ll be able to actually have  with nanotechnology, the entire biosphere into something that’s a few micrograms in weight.  so the whole biosphere in the palm of our hand.

And then we’ll send those biospheres in the palm of our hands to space.


Joe Rogan:  You’re talking about Adam and Eve type of shit

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