Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva

ah great story to tell, they could figure out a way to craft something that would make you think that intelligent design might be very well how the universe once.


Jason Silva:  Well, but if you do it as a poem as Malix Tree of Life, then I mean, that’s a beautiful poem.  They even had a documentary looking at the evidence of creation.


Joe Rogan:  No, no.  I meant like a 2001 type of movie.  Like a movie of a piece of fiction.


Jason Silva:  Well, the thing is we’re all craving transcendence and rapture.  And the thing that’s most beautiful about this fleeting, ephemeral sensation is that it’s a mystery, right?

So it’s better expressed it as a mystery than to sort of anthropomorphize it and put a man’s face on it with a beard.

Like, fall in love with the mystery.  That’s you know, what Carl Segan


Joe Rogan:  Why do you think we have this weird longing, though, to believe that there’s some secrets written somewhere and this is what the ancients do


Jason Silva:  I think our yearning for the sublime, we can’t avoid it the same way that yearning of eros.  Right?  It’s just embedded in us in our sex drive.


Joe Rogan:  Is it or is it because we know like in our genes that some way or another that we have gone through peaks and valleys of human behavior and human culture?

And that we’ve had periods in time when we lost information and did lose touch with the real tenants of society and of loving thy neighbor and all that stuff.

This idea of these secret stories that we forgot, what they represent is you know, cultures that have crashed.


Jason Silva:  In universal archetypes that Joseph Campbell talks about, it’s interesting because you know, religion has become corrupted and  institutionalized as … yeah but there’s also a great theory that says that the origins of religion actually lie in the use of psychedelics.

Even the concept of God seems like a vision straight out of a psychedelic experience if you embrace it as a metaphor as it is, which is to say that something that transcends me, something as big, something that feels that I’m part of something bigger than I am .. would become indefinable.

You put a symbol on it and call that “God”.  That.. was probably born.  Religious rituals were always..You know, those native American cultures, with their psychedelics and their religious ceremonies.  I mean that was a part of it.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.  People would like to dismiss it, but I don’t… anything more powerful than I’ve ever experienced in life.  Other than tornados and shit.


Jason Silva:  You can’t dismiss it.  It’s a fact that these things were used in religious ceremonies ever since the beginning of time.


Joe Rogan:  An unbelievable, powerful force.  And just because it doesn’t rip trees out of the roots and make fucking cows fly through the air…


Jason Silva:  In a way, it does, right?  I mean


Joe Rogan:  Yeah, that’s my point.


Jason Silva:  You remember that movie Altered State with William Hurt?


Joe Rogan:  Sure, I remember it.  Yeah.  That was terrible.  Try watching it now.  It’s unfortunately terrible.


Jason Silva:  You think it’s terrible when you watch it now?


Joe Rogan:  God, it doesn’t hold up at all.  It was awful.


Jason Silva:  I kind of like.. I like the dialogue a lot, though.


Joe Rogan:  Really?


Jason Silva:  Yeah.  Well, he talks about the self and the individual mind.  It contains immortality, the ultimate truth.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah, that one’s cool.  But it was just so dated.


Jason Silva:  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  It’s really weird.  It just didn’t seem that good.


Jason Silva:  Well, when it turns into a monkey, it’s not that good.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah, that’s what I mean.  Who the fuck that you do this.  Stop!


Jason Silva:  But everything before that is awesome.  His whole search for the transcendent.

He has a relationship with the girl and says even sex is a mystical experience for you.  She says she feels like she’s being harpooned by some raging monk in the act of receiving God.

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