Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva

If like, you’re next to me in the mailbox and you’re trying to get your mail, going, “Mmm-mm-mmm-mm-mmmm.  Goddamn, boy!”

You know, that’s not cool.  Right?  That’s a little uncomfortable.  He’s not really hurting anybody.  But he is making you feel weird.  He shouldn’t make you feel weird.

Other than that, why do you give a fuck?  This is weird.  You know when I see that Rick Santorum guy wants state caucuses and won 3 states man. Three of them. Colorado was one of them and I think Minessota.


Jason Silva:  Well, I think that, you know, a friend of mine says that evolution also thrives when there’s resistance.

Because resistance forces evolution to figure out a different way to transcend that limitation.  so in a way, that resistance, that people want to teach creation as a.. that resistance, maybe it’s just part of a system.

Because it maintains the system to be  more robust to find a way to transcend that problem.

So that we don’t get too comfortable ever because there’s always those sort of backwards way of thinking that could become cancers and stop the innovation.  We can’t let that happen.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.  It’s.. it’s very.. it’s a very tricky situation when, you know, and when the idea of being a Christian is a beautiful idea, if you look at it in terms of what the real teachings of Jesus were.


Jason Silva:  Well, Jesus was a hippie!


Joe Rogan:  Yeah!  Absolutely.


Jason Silva:  He was a hippie.  He was a kind, loving hippie who hung out with all types of awesome people.  I mean what a great moral example.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah, but we have to recognize when in 2012.  We don’t go on what people wrote down thousands of years ago.

We go on what we know today.  What we know today is that there are people that are just born gay.  They just are.  I’ve met them.  You’ve met them.  There’s no fucking denying.

There was a kid that lived up the street from me about 10 years ago.  He was five years old.  five years old.

I knew this fucking kid was gay.  He was five.  He’d be playing in my yard, and he’d be super sweet to me.  He liked to give me hugs.

And he would like to talk about like little dogs and his mother wanted him to play football, but he didn’t wanna play football.

You know, and his dad would come over.. real nice guy.  He’s gay now.  Of course he’s gay.  He was gay then.  Nobody tricked him into being gay.  He didn’t get recruited.  He was born gay.

Some people are born with red hair.  Some people are born with, you know, awesome eyelashes.  It’s a weird combination, but they like it!


Jason Silva:  Well, that’s what’s amazing about human beings.  We should all like embrace who and what we are.  I mean our differences are what make us interesting.  It’s just wonderful.  Like


Joe Rogan:  The real issue is some people are not gay.  And so they go, “Nobody could possibly like what I don’t like.  Nobody could possibly be like that.  That’s deviant.  That’s disgusting.”


Jason Silva:  Yeah.  And that’s not freedom.  That’s like authoritarianism.


Joe Rogan:  It’s a lack of education.  It’s a lack of evolution.  It’s a lack of information.  Here’s a lot of places in this world and thought pockets that are still backwards.  They’re still..


Jason Silva:  But you think a sort of uh.. enlightened human values like eventually trump, kind of this sort of negative way kind of thinking.  I mean think about it like the modern kind of pop culture.

Like, the mainstream films, and the mainstream media would never, for example, like embrace creationism.  I mean, you know what I’m saying?  I fell like..


Joe Rogan:  What do you mean?


Jason Silva:  Well, I’m saying you don’t see like, movies, for example coming out defending creationism.


Joe Rogan:  About God? I think someone can really do it well. I think if you had some master director or some Kubrick type dude and uh..

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