Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva


Joe Rogan:  That’s Rick Santorum do.   That’s one thing he stands for.  He doesn’t want people to get married.  Like, what do you fuckin’ care?


Jason Silva:  That’s a caveman mentality.


Joe Rogan:  No. He’s scared people .. what I wrote on my Twitter was that the only reason why anybody would not want gay people to not marry is either they’re dumb or they’re secretly worried that dicks were delicious.


Jason Silva:  I think that must be what it is.


Joe Rogan:  I think that’s a lot.  They’re just worried that there’s a lot of gay guy around.  Next thing they know they’ll be sucking a dick.  They just don’t trust themselves.  They’re not that sure..


Jason Silva:  I think you just hit upon..


Joe Rogan:  Yes.  Yes.  His bone structure, the way he carries himself.  He could be tricked.  You get that guy.  He’s not an alpha.  Running around telling people


Jason Silva:  I think the b..biggest rule should be you should not be able to impose your own moral rules on other people.  That’s like censoring books or censoring thoughts.

To each his own.  As long as you’re not physically hurting anybody else.  If it offends you, I don’t care.  You’re free to say whatever you want.  I’m free to say whatever I want.  We respect and tolerate each other.

But you know, actually, Bill Mars said, “To be tolerant of intolerance.  That’s the problem.”  That’s why moral relativism doesn’t work.

That’s why you just can’t say, “Oh in cultures in the middle east where they’re stoning women to death, oh that’s just a  different culture.

We gotta respect it.”  No.  We don’t respect that. Coz that’s being tolerant of intolerance.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.


Jason Silva:  A brilliant.. Tim Harris has a brilliant talk about that.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.  It’s uh..  It’s a strange thing, man.  It’s a strange thing where people will embrace this notion of fear, and of someone different than them, that, you know, that somehow this is goin to a road of moral fiber.

Where in your way of thinking is correct.  What these people wanna do is hurt you not one iota.  You’re gonna somehow gonna prevent and do it righteously.

The guys of some fuckin’ book.. like, you know, I wrote that and a bunch of people were saying, you know, tweeted me back and you know, “I’m a Christian.”

Come on, man, really?  Stop.  What do you give a fuck if some gay dude.. oh because “I’m a Christian.”  Coz you’re Christian you care about gay getting married.

Let them do whatever fuck they want.  It doesn’t make your thing any different.

You know with this divorce… does divorce not make your shit any weaker?  When 60% of people get divorced, doesn’t it make marriage weaker?  Doesn’t it make you look more ridiculous?

You should be upset about that.  You should be upset about people getting married that don’t really want to get married and fuck it up for the statistics for people who are happily married.

Because when you’re happily married, people always tell you, “Yeah, fuckin’ 60% end in divorce.  Buckle up, dude.”

You know, what we should do is prevent people  from getting married and not stop them from getting married, okay?  Stop everybody from getting married.

Gay people, straight people, everybody.  Marriage should be illegal.  Period.  It’s not the gay folks, you know?

If we’re getting fucked, they should be able to get fucked, too.  That’s my attitude.  If we’re caught in this ridiculous maze, the gay folks should just jump right in as well.

And if you wanna keep them out of the game, it’s just coz you’re worried about them marrying you.  That’s what it is.


Jason Silva:  Well, plus especially coz at the roots, like, you know, even Christianity was all about loving thy neighbors as you love thy self.

I mean that should be the only rule.  And you know, what that means is that wherever wings your neighbor is happy should make you happy as long as he’s not physically hurting anyone else.


Joe Rogan:  Or I fuckin you.  When you go get your mail.  That ain’t cool either.  You know?

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