Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva

And the magic mushrooms that were growing in the cow dung, those were psychedelic.  And so when they started taking them, they wouldn’t have been able to make sense of the synesthetic experience that ensued.

Because the magic mushrooms cause synesthesia, among their hallucinatory properties, which means a blurring of the senses.


Joe Rogan:  Wasn’t there something about increasing the size of the human brain over a period of .. doubles in brain size.  Is that all real?  Is that absolutely


Jason Silva:  I believe so.  I mean there’s an account of it in Food of the Gods.  Literally changed the structure of the brain.

But I think the most compelling kind of like visual is when he says psychedelics can be synesthetic.

And that means seeing sounds, hearing sights.  We talked about this, right.  And that’s what language is.  Language is psychedelic.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.  It is.


Jason Silva:  I send images wirelessly into your head by making vocal sounds.  I mean.. I mean that’s like.. that’s like I’m already a cellphone.

I send thoughts to you telepathically into your head.  I mean.. so it’s like where did that arise from?  It’s an interesting theory.  It’s definitely like, “Whoa!  Dude.”


Joe Rogan:  But it’s rarist.  It’s not really well accepted in the scientific theory.


Jason Silva:  No.  It’s a rock and roll.


Joe Rogan:  It’s a little too silly.  I mean I brought it up to people and they’ve gotten upset at me.  Preposterous it was.


Jason Silva:  I think it’s a wonderful mythology, though.


Joe Rogan:  IT’s beautiful.  If it was true, it’d be awesome.  and the thing that really hits people about it is you know, probably at this point in time unprovable, what hits people about it is the profundity, is that a word? of the psychedelic experience the first time you ever have a mushroom experience.

What you’re dealing with is so  profound and so powerful and so impactful, who’s to say if you didn’t eat this every day, it won’t make your brain grow bigger.  Well, it seems that it might.


Jason Silva:  Well, not to mention that man has had a symbiotic relationship with these plants for its entire.. for our entire history.  I mean you know, Francis Crick, who discovered DNA was said to have experimented with LSD.  Like I said,


Joe Rogan:  Well it’s also said that he came up with the idea of double helix while he was on LSD.

But that could’ve been horseshit coz there was like, after he was already dead, it was like one of those deathbed confessions, it could’ve been that his friends were into acid.

And like, “I’m gonna fuck up everybody by telling everybody that Francis Crick told me he was on acid when he died.”


Jason Silva:  Well maybe it’s not the drugs.  It’s what drugs could do to their thinking, which could’ve been triggered by other things as well.

It’s a counter-intuitive, non-linear, out-of-the-box thinking, you know.  Seeing the world in new ways requires tweaking how you perceive the world.


Joe Rogan:  Well, big part of what the brain is is it’s a chemical reaction.  When you know that when you’re adding alcohol, adding anything to that chemical reaction, it changes the results.


Jason Silva:  The data that comes in is perceived differently.


Joe Rogan:  Absolutely.  And we know that we can tap into something, you get so many mushrooms.. you tap into this incredible, blissful experience.. it’s akin to religious experience.


Jason Silva:  When we understand the brain perfectly, we will be able to insert ourselves into superman.  That movie was actually very didn’t end with a dystrophic warning cautionary tale.  No.  They figured it out and he wins.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.  No kidding.  do you.. do you think that any of these would’ve taken place.. any of these experimentation.. any of these without psychedelics?

If there were no psychedelics, is it possible that an ape has become a human and the human has become almost immortal?


Jason Silva:  Well, listen.  Here’s what I think.  I think that we need to live inside of minds that can go from living in caves to flying through air in jet liners.

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