Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva


Jason Silva:  Totally.


Joe Rogan:  You know, the idea that you’re gonna have a DMT butt in the end of your fucking keychain, and just press it (sings a tune).

And he is done in some fucking easy spiral of light of no boundaries.  Can you imagine.. well, that’s all anyone’s gonna want to do.  I’m gonna DMT trip all day.


Jason Silva:  Yeah, well there’s an article in Wired recently about a DJs using nanoparticles in the future to get the audience like literally high.


Joe Rogan:  Wow.  That’s incredible.


Jason Silva:  Yeah.  Instead of using chemical technology, they’re using electronic technology.


Joe Rogan:  That’s scary.  What if they OD people, man?


Jason Silva:  Well, I don’t think.. they won’t be successful if they OD people.


Joe Rogan:  What if the first person ODs to my song.  The song was so good it made someone a fucking heart attack.  Could you imagine?


Jason Silva:  Well, yeah, but then nobody will want to go when that happens.


Joe Rogan:  A few pussies can’t make it.  Can’t run uphill.  That sounds uh..


Jason Silva:  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  That sounds ridiculous.  But the..the idea of nanoparticles


Jason Silva:  Yeah.  Oh yeah.  That will like interchange the way you think.


Joe Rogan:  It changed the whole world of people.  It changed their reality.


Jason Silva:  Yeah, it’s crazy, man.  We’re going down the rabbit hole, for sure.


Joe Rogan:  What if we all went.. what if this is the future.  I mean we all go into a gigantic airplane warehouse, right?


Jason Silva:  Uh-huh.


Joe Rogan:  Like an airplane hangar.  Close the doors, they hit the button, the nanoparticles come out and all of a sudden we’re in fucking avatar.

We’re flying through spaceship.  And all of these is taking place and we’re just standing there.  In real life we’re just standing there.  Why wouldn’t


Jason Silva:  That’s exactly


Joe Rogan:  It engineers your entire imagination.  It creates an image then it is uploaded to your consciousness and everybody experiences it.


Jason Silva:  Totally.


Joe Rogan:  And you can move around in it.  Like reality, you can change it.  You can change it and alter it.


Jason Silva:  Exactly, dude.  We’d be all world builders


Joe Rogan:  And you can use imagination inside that world.


Jason Silva:  Because if you think about it that’s already the world that we live in.  It’s just taking longer to execute it.

Because somebody thought of an airplane and then they imagined themselves flying on the airplane, and then they built the airplane and then it worked.

And then they flew.  And then today we all fly.  It’s just that because it took 40, 50, 60, 70 years, it doesn’t feel like we just created the world that we live in.  But we did just create it.


Joe Rogan:  Jesus Christ.


Jason Silva:  We literally just created it.  I mean that’s the craziest part of all.  That’s not a metaphor.  That’s no exaggeration.  We live inside of worlds that we have created.


Joe Rogan:  And yet we’re still a part of this gigantic thing, this planet, you know?  We’re still a part of this hive of organisms.

How did we come about?  How did we emerge so prominently.  I mean there’s a lot of theories.

Do you subscribe to the stoned-ape theory?  Do you have your own theory?


Jason Silva:  No, no.  I mean I think.. It’s difficult to prove, right?  But I definitely.. I find it the most captivating account.  it makes sense to me based on


Joe Rogan:  Very captivating.  people who don’t know, explain what that theory is.


Jason Silva:  Well, the stoned-ape hypothesis basically tries to explain at one point sort of language emerged, you know.

From a species that couldn’t speak to a species that could change the operation system of the brain.  It’s referred to as the first singularity.

And Terrence McKenna says that this occurred when early hominids left the jungle for the Savannas.  And in the Savannas their diets changed and they were ruffling around trying to find something to eat.

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