Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva


Joe Rogan:  Really?


Jason Silva:  Rapturously beautiful.


Joe Rogan:  Well, I’m a man, so that doesn’t happen.  I don’t get sad with pure beau


Jason Silva:  But strip clubs, like


Jason Silva:  No, I’m talking about


Joe Rogan:  Sunset.  Mountains.


Jason Silva:  When something.. something blind moves you


Joe Rogan:  I don’t get sad, man.  That doesn’t make me sad.  I look at true beauty like a magnificent gift to the universe.


Jason Silva:  Well, that’s what I give it, too, but you know why sometimes it makes me sad?

It’s because they say that.. Alain de Botton says that the reason it makes us sad is the beauty.. what beauty hints at is that time’s the exception.

So it reminds us of a lot of the mediocrity that surrounds us.  And then we’re like sad because we see a glimpse of the ideal.

And mankind has been obsessed with the ideal ever since, you know, we started making the Greek statues of David back in the den


Joe Rogan:  That’s all well and good until you start getting gray hair on your balls.  And then, you know, you start appreciating things.  Coz you realize the end is near.


Jason Silva:  Aw. So sad, right?


Joe Rogan:  It’s just life.


Jason Silva:  I know.


Joe Rogan:  I do not get sad  when I see beautiful things.  Ever.


Jason Silva:  It’s just entropy.


Joe Rogan:  I love beautiful things.


Jason Silva:  I love beautiful things, too.


Joe Rogan:  But you get sad a little bit?


Jason Silva:  Well, I.. I.. I.. they.. beauty moves me.


Joe Rogan:  Do you ever have sore nipples when you see.. if you see like something..


<background> (laughs)


Joe Rogan:  I’m just being pretty ridiculous, I’m sorry.  I’m just trying to be funny.


Brian Redban:  Do you dye your pubes, Joe?


Joe Rogan:  No!


Brian Redban: Well, why not?  Do you shave them off?


Joe Rogan:  They’re only on the sack.  The sack is only the gray one.  The bush is all like a jungle dark.


Brian Redban:  Okay, so it’s scary.  I need to see the documentary of this.


Joe Rogan:  When you say that right there, man, you need to pause.  I’m talking about my balls like, “I need to see your documentary.”


<background> (laughs)


Joe Rogan:  There’s some 40 inch in there, son.  You didn’t need to phrase that.


Brian Redban:  That’s almost in the same category that make somebody Flinch.


Joe Rogan:  You’re obviously not used to stupid shows like this.


Jason Silva:  No, are you kidding?  This is amazing, man.


Joe Rogan:  You’re blowing people’s minds.


Brian Redban:  Hey, hey, you didn’t pause enough for saying it either, Joe.


Joe Rogan:  What happened?


Brian Redban:  “Blowing”


Joe Rogan:  Blowing? Oh, you’re right.


<background> (laughs)


Joe Rogan:  Fucking very good point.  Very good point.  Um.. anyway, you were saying?  You were saying something about


Jason Silva:  Your documentary.  The spirit molecule.. the DMT..


Joe Rogan:  Oh, that wasn’t mine.  All I did was uh.. I was like the Rod Sterling of it.  It’s just all stuff that they wanted.  It was an honor just to do it for him.

It’s uh.. my friend Mitchell who did it.  It’s really uh.. very illuminating documentary called DMT:  The Spirit Molecule.  A lot of like really interesting, intelligent, and brilliant people that’s had DMT experiences.

And the time that’s available .. I’m pretty sure it’s on iTunes.  I know it’s online.  You could probably Google it, like, it’s really good.  I love it.

Very cool.  It’s a.. uh.. a fascinating um thing, that there’s some sort of  a chemical that the human mind makes.  It’s the most intense psychedelic known to man.  It’s really weird, you know?


Jason Silva:  Makes you ask all these questions of why it evolved because there’s a reason.


Joe Rogan:  That and what you were talking earlier about the engineering states of consciousness.  Hopefully we’re gonna be able to engineer different states of complete total bliss.

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