Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva


Joe Rogan:  Do you ever get recruited to speak in one of those 2012 conferences?


Jason Silva:  Oh, dude.  I just spoke a digital life design in Munich, which is like is a super technology kind of futurism invited on the event.


Joe Rogan:  Really?


Jason Silva:  Yoko Ono spoke


Joe Rogan:  Wow.


Jason Silva:  And Sheryl Sandberg, the president of Facebook’s club.


Joe Rogan:  Dude, Yoko Ono spoke?


Jason Silva:  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  (laughs)


Jason Silva:  There’s a lot of interesting things.  I don’t know what she spoke about.  I missed her talk.  But uh..


Joe Rogan:  She used to fuck a famous guy.


Jason Silva:  There you go.  No but that was uh.. actually, my video was shown at the Economist Magazine Ideas Festival.


Joe Rogan:  Oh wow.  wow.


Jason Silva:  So you can imagine when you have a crowd of the economists and you’re showing them these videos.. you know the best part?

They got it, dude.  They didn’t think that I was just some crazy hippie spewing forth these ideas —


Joe Rogan:  Right.


Jason Silva:  They totally get it.  And I spoke at the Singularity Summit incidentally, which is the conference that’s all about the technological singularity.

And I spoke about the importance of art, design, and aesthetics that can make.. to sort of transmute these ideas.

Because people respond to what moves them.  You know, you can only show them so many graphs before they fall asleep.


Joe Rogan:  Right.


Jason Silva:  But if you inspire them, if you epiphanize them, you give somebody the goose bumps, they’ll remember it.

And I showed the videos and sure enough, like,  people really seemed to respond to them.  So definitely, it’s creating a kind of.. I’m hopeful.

I think I’m gonna be speaking at Google in March, actually, as well.


Joe Rogan:  What’s Yoko Ono like?


Jason Silva:  I didn’t meet her.  She was speaking in the.. other atrium at the same time as me.  She was my.. my competition.


Brian Redban:  Did she speak inside with a bed?  Did they just, like, roll up a bed on to stage and she’s just like


Joe Rogan:  A hologram John Lennon in there with her.  Which is just like young John Lennon now, today, Yoko Ono is just fucking trippy.  Really darkly lit.  And they sing Imagine.


Brian Redban: Would you fuck Yoko Ono?


Joe Rogan:  No.  She had an art exhibit that I went to when I lived in Boston.  It was really bizarre.  It was one of the strangest art exhibits ever.

And one of the things she had was a block of wood with a bunch of nails in it.  And there was a hammer and a box of nails there.  and she encourages people to pick up the nails and contribute to the art.


Jason Silva:  Wow.


Joe Rogan:  And she said that that’s how she wanted people to be enthusiastic about her art by letting them contribute.  And my joke was take the nail, put it in your forehead.


<background> (laughs)


Joe Rogan:  It’d be lighter on the block.


Jason Silva:  That’s hilarious.


Joe Rogan:  But no, nobody’s probably gonna hit the nail.  But it’d be interesting to watch, you know?


Jason Silva:  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  If there was just her standing there with a nail on her forehead and she left a hammer there.  Most people are not gonna kill you.

But you never know, man.  That would be an interesting art piece, you know?  That’d be a pretty crazy thing to do.  Anybody, please, steal this idea.

And everybody else, please don’t hit them on the head with a hammer.  It’s fucked up.


Jason Silva:  You know the interesting thing about art, I always think the kind of art I’m interested in is the art that is there to kind of move me in some way, you know?

There’s a great notion of.. Do you ever notice why sometimes beauty makes you sad?  Like true beauty, like something

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