Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva


Joe Rogan:  You did?


Jason Silva:  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  A lot of politics?  A lot of bullshit going on over there?  They don’t appreciate your talent?  Did they not see these YouTube clips?


Jason Silva:  (laughs) No, I just .. I wanted to make a content on my own terms.  And after four and a half years doing anything, the hedonic adaptation kicks in.

So you just crave something different.  But um.. but I’m


Joe Rogan:  Hedonic adaptation.


Jason Silva:  Well, it’s just like —


Joe Rogan:  Your desire to be hedonistic.  That’s strange.


Jason Silva:  No, hedonic adaptation means that something that gave you pleasure stops being a stimulator that it once was.  You adapt to the hedonic nature of it so that it’s no longer hedonic.


Joe Rogan:  Oh.  So your hedonism, once you give in to it, you have to constantly re-up it.


Jason Silva:  Tolerance.


Joe Rogan:  Like drugs.


Jason Silva:  Mm-hmm.


Joe Rogan:  So you’re a hedonistic junkie.  Well, I’ve always thought that.  Don’t you think, like especially gambling junkies.  They seem to be.. it seems to be a hedonistic drug of choice


Jason Silva:  Of course, man.  That’s thrill.  Well, we’re hacking.. we’re hacking our own fight or flight mode.

And we’re hacking our own dopamine secretion… why do you think people go to scary movies, you might ask.  To be scared?  No.

They go to scary movies because it’s very meta.  You know you’re fine.  But you also are tricking yourself into being scared.

Because you know you’re fine, then it’s okay to be scared, coz then it’s exciting.  Or like roller coasters.  Or sky diving.

Paying to feel like you’re gonna die.  But knowing you’re not gonna die.  You can only do that because we’re very meta.  And uh.. but anyway..


Joe Rogan:  One more point about the casinos.  Like I think that when you put a casino in a one certain place, too, I think you alter people’s behavior.

When you let them know that it’s like this one spot way over there, and it’s only there and it’s the only spot you’re allowed to gamble.

They just go there and start gambling.  You know, it’s like once they feel they got there.. but if you allow people to gamble everywhere they are, I doubt they would indulge as much.


Jason Silva:  Probably it’d be less exciting.  Forbidden fruit is always kind of appealing.


Joe Rogan:  That is really interesting.  Would you call it a hedonistic one?


Jason Silva:  Well, I was talking about hedonic adaptation.


Joe Rogan:  Hedonic adaptation.


Jason Silva:  Anything that’s always around becomes invisible.


Joe Rogan:  I gotta remember that phrase coz that’s uh.. that really is what it is.


Jason Silva:  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  It’s a weird.. I’ve always wondered what’s that for.  I guess it’s because we’re always trying to push forward.


Jason Silva:  I think.. I think it’s our brain’s way of saying that you know, if you don’t stimulate me I will just make you a zombie in return.


Joe Rogan:  What do you think the genetic reason for that is?  Is it.. is it to push energy forward?


Jason Silva:  Probably.  There must be some reason into.. to get you to continue to  expand your sphere of possibilities.


Joe Rogan:  And what is more rewarding than when you do create something.  I mean, I’m watching you watch these videos and you’re, you know, you get a little charged out of yourself knowing you–


Jason Silva:  I get off.  I get off.


Joe Rogan:   Of course you do.  You created something that’s one of the best things that a person can feel is when they create something and somebody likes it.  You know?


Jason Silva:  Well, it’s a cultural equivalent of like sexual reproduction.  Like, sperm, you know, spreading the seeds.

Why it’s so hard for men to be monogamous supposedly because we’re wired to spread the seed, to spread information, genetic information as wide across as possible.

But guess what, we’ve transcended a biological evolution with culture.So now, the seed is with what they call memes, memetic content.

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