Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva


Jason Silva:  Well, you know, that’s what’s great about the internet, that if you have the urge to share, you can share.


Joe Rogan:  What?!?  The guy’s crazy.  I need him.  I need him to stay crazy.  I want that.  I want that guy.  Wouldn’t even see some of the best lines in it.


Jason Silva:  That he’s brilliant.  Maybe he.. he’s sitting here..


Joe Rogan:  It might be a parody.


Jason Silva:  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  Even if it’s not, I don’t care.  Whatever.  He’s fuckin’ rockin’ it his way.  Good for him.  I love him.  R. Kelly fan of the day dies.  I hope he didn’t really pee on anybody, though.


Brian Redban:  No, he did.  I have the video.  Never mind —  Bad caller!  Bad caller!


Joe Rogan:  Yeah, maybe we need to delay.  We need to put a delay in our system.


Brian Redban:  I don’t have it anymore, but I had it when it came out.  And she looked like she.. she was younger.. I don’t know how young she was, but she looked like old enough.  Like, she looked.. she was dressed up like a stripper.


Joe Rogan:  Wait a minute, what are you talking about?


Brian Redban:  Nothing.


Joe Rogan:  I don’t know what you’re talking about.  I said.. I said we need a delay.


Brian Redban:  I know.  Because of the R. Kelly comment, right?


Joe Rogan:  No.  Because the other day when uh.. Jimmy gave a fake phone number on the air, we got phone calls..


Brian Redban:  Oh right.  Oh, I heard some poor chick on uh.. Twitter.


Joe Rogan:  We hooked her up.  She’s gonna come to the show.  I gave her tickets.


Brian Redban: That’s weird.


Joe Rogan:  I took care of her.  I told her I’ll take care of her tab, too.


Brian Redban:  He was a fuckin’ asshole.


Joe Rogan:  So we.. we removed it.


Jason Silva:  So, let me ask you. When did you become interested in all of the ideas of the Singularity.  I’m just curious.


Joe Rogan:  You know,  Ray Kurzweil.. absolutely..


Jason Silva:  We should have Ray here.


Joe Rogan:  Oh, I would love to talk to Ray.  Absolutely.


Jason Silva:  I would love to come with them and —


Joe Rogan:  Even McKenna, you know McKenna was a huge, huge influence coz he was just compelling.  His uh.. lectures were so fascinating to me.

Like I said, first time I did DMT, I literally heard what was represented by, you know, his words, you know.  I think, you know, there’s been very few people that have put as much down as he did.

You know as far as his recordings you can get online.  Oh there’s so many of them, man!  They’re so goddamn interesting, man.  He just had this really weird way of phrasing things and putting things together and —


Jason Silva:  His brain is just wired in just another level.  And he just understood the power of language.  And he also talked a lot about language, like we live in a world of language.


Joe Rogan:  He said, “Note how I use  big words.”  That was one of the things he said.  I was like that’s why he got into trouble.  He was fascinating.


Jason Silva:  He calls his language an ecstatic activity of signification.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.


Jason Silva:  The self-defining realities spoken, brought forth into made by language.


Joe Rogan:  But it is, for sure.


Jason Silva:  It totally is.  I mean we live in a world of mind, right?


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.


Jason Silva:  A world of psyche.  Dance.  Arts.  Science.


Joe Rogan:  It’s so unfortunate McKenna died before he could really see how crazy things we’re getting at right now.  You know?


Jason Silva:  It’s such a  shame.  That’s why I say we gotta fix the death problem, man.  It robs us of all these luminous beings.


Joe Rogan:  So, how many people do you think the earth can support.  I mean if we’re gonna live forever.

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