Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva


Joe Rogan:  My business is gonna be fucked.  I’m.. What I am right now, it’s like uh.. when um.. William Randolph Hearst wanted to keep cannabis down so.. coz he has a commodity.  It’s really why he made it illegal, so he was evil fuck.

And William Randolph Hearst was just a bad motherfucker that owned newspapers.  he also had his own mills.  So he was gonna have to convert his mills over to hemp.  Coz hemp paper was like.. I think you get four times as much in um.. in an acre.

And it replenishes itself every six months.  You know, it’s not like you have to wait 20 years for the fucking trees to go back.  It’s like boom!  It’s there again.  You can redo it again.

And so as a commodity, this was gonna cost him millions of dollars.  So what he decided to do was just write stories about weed and put it in his newspaper.  It’s really an amazing thing that this guy pulled this off.


Jason Silva:  Is that where Reefer Madness and all that stuff —


Joe Rogan:  Yeah, all that stuff.  All that stuff came from him.


Brian Redban:  It turned about Paul Wall.  The rapper Paul Wall.


Joe Rogan:  Thank you very much.


Brian Redban:  Veronica Ricci


Joe Rogan:  Thank you, Veronica.  Thank you very much.  She’s on a ball, dude. What a good girl you got.  Uh.. yeah, because that guy you can’t predict that guy in a computer simulation.

He’s a great white rapper and he’s totally like, down with black people.  The guy’s got crazy platinum teeth.  You know.  You think you’re gonna let that guy take place.

Coz otherwise you’re not gonna have R. Kelly’s in the world, right?  With evolution, R. Kelly will not be there.  Then.. come on, man.

Have you ever watched an R. Kelly Real Talk video?  Have you every watched that?


Jason Silva:  No, I haven’t.


Joe Rogan:  You’ve never seen that.


Jason Silva:  No.


Joe Rogan:  You’ve never seen the most brilliant piece of human pop culture.  When you think the world is evolving still, we’re gonna show you something right now.

It’s gonna.. this might throw a monkey branch in all your theory, sir.  Throw out some R. Kelly Real Talk, Brian.  It’s been so long.  Are we allowed to?  Let’s find out.  Find out what happens.  I’m feeling risky.  I haven’t slept..


Brian Redban:  There’s so many of them now.  Like, I checked recently.. I checked recently and there was like 50 of them.


Joe Rogan:  Alright, R. Kelly is down with people listening to his shit online.  As am I.  People get mad at me because of this whole thing where I said..  on the website I asked people not to put links to pirated shit.

I go, “Just don’t get me in trouble.  I’m not telling you what to do.”  Just don’t put that shit on my website, you know.


Jason Silva:  That is totally fair for you to say.


Joe Rogan:  People act like you’re telling.. like you’re fucking, man!  They get so crazy when it comes to this and their need to justify streaming things on torrents.


<background>  (video plays)


Joe Rogan:  I don’t want us to evolve any more than this.  I want.. I want this kind to always exist.


<background>  (music plays)


<background> (laughs)


Joe Rogan:  This is R. Kelly.  Don’t kid me.  Who is he?  How dare you, sir.  Watch this.


<background?  (music continues)


Joe Rogan:  let him to the —


<background?  (music continues)


Joe Rogan:  He’s pissed.


<background?  (music continues)


Joe Rogan:  Extablish.  Listen, listen.


<background?  (music continues)


<background> (laughs)


Joe Rogan:  You see?  You don’t wanna evolve past this thing.


<background?  (music continues)


<background> (laughs)


Joe Rogan:  Right here is good.


Brian Redban:  All man has an asshole.


Joe Rogan:  Real talk.. real talk.


<background?  (music continues)


Joe Rogan:  Yeah. He is the greatest of all time.  No one’s more entertaining than R. Kelly.  I don’t want us to ever not have an R. Kelly.

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