Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva


Joe Rogan: And if you go to and click on the link for


<background> (laughs)


Joe Rogan: and enter in the codename Rogan you will get 10% off, of all of our neutrobic products


Jason Silva: (laughs)


Joe Rogan: And its just ah, a disclaimer Jason Silva is not on this shit.  He’s on his own thing.  He’s on his own mixture


Jason Silva: (laughs)


Joe Rogan: But, uh.. if you wanna try Alpha Brain it’s an excellent one.  I use it, I endorse it, I have a financial stake in it because I believe in it.  It’s awesome stuff.  It’s fucking the best shit ever if you’re hung over or if you’re jet lagged.  I love it.


Jason Silva: Jet lag.. jet lag is.. I hate jet lag


Joe Rogan: It’s fucking brutal, man.


Jason Silva:  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  You have a dry sponge of a brain.


Jason Silva:  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  It’s a terrible feeling you know?  Until you can pop your head back in.  It’s really hard for me cause I get jet lag and then I have to perform.


Jason Silva:  Oh, right.


Joe Rogan:  Like you have to go on stage jet lagged trying to shake that shit off.  It’s hard


Jason Silva: But think about.. I mean think about what your body is being subjected to


Joe Rogan: Yeah


Jason Silva: You’re transcending.  It’s the inherent limitations of time, space, and distance,  crossing the world–


Joe Rogan:  It’s fucking ridiculous.


Jason Silva:   in just a few hours.  Your body evolved in a universe in which that was not plausible and now it is


Joe Rogan: That shit can’t be good for you.  It can’t be good for you.


Jason Silva: Well no, no, it’s just, it just takes a little getting used to.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.  Yeah.


Jason Silva:  It’s startling I think to the system.


Joe Rogan: I think it freaks the body to fuck out.


Jason Silva: Exactly.


Joe Rogan: So, for me the Alpha Brain is one of the best things for..  as soon as I land, I take it.  It doesn’t cure it.  It helps it.


Jason Silva:  Sounds great.


Joe Rogan:  And this is, there is no limit in this pill, folks.  It’s just vitamins for your brain.  Google “Neutropics”.  If you’re into it go to  O-N-N-I-T.

We have a bunch of different shit.  Shroomtech Sport is a great supplement for working out.  Shroomtech Immune this is an immunity enhancement supplement.  All of these things are explained online.

We’re going way out of our way.  We try to make it as clear as possible what all these things are, what the ingredients are, if there’s any risks with taking anything for anybody.

And as I always say if you’re.. if you’re interested in this, but you think it’s too expensive, I urge you to go online and look at our recipe and copy it.  I don’t give a fuck.  Go buy the shit in bulk.


Jason Silva: Doesn’t Aubrey just have a new scientific advisor?


Joe Rogan: Yeah.


Jason Silva: I also think you can go to your website and there’s a thread now.  And I heard that he’s gonna take


Joe Rogan: Yeah, if you sign up go in the message board, there’s uh.. a thread, where there is a.. we have a scientific advisor that’s just hired just to answer questions.


Jason Silva: Nice.


Joe Rogan: About Onnit stuff.  So we are trying to do this as clean as possible.  And to make it even more clean, everything you order is a 30 day 100% money back.  Not 30 day, 30 pill supply 100% money back guarantee.

You don’t even have to return it.  Just tell us you didn’t like it.  You get your money back.  And we used to have it so that whatever you ordered, you ordered it you get your money back, but dudes are selling it on eBay.  (laughs) They hacked us


Jason Silva: (laughs)

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