Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.


Jason Silva:  We create fake hearts.  The water that comes to our house through the pipes, you know?  I mean we’re already.. we’re already our symbi.. in symbiosis.

The only difference is the symbiosis is becoming more and more smooth.  You know, the best technology that gets out of the way.. that just allows you to do the artful change that you want to make in the world without having to fuck with it too much.

And that’s what happens as these technology gets smoother in the way that they get meshed in our lives.  The sort of hybridization just gets richer and deeper.

But it’s already happening.  It’s perfectly natural.  So that’s.. it’s not a problem.  It’s not something to be scared of at all.  It just has to be refined and .. you know..


Joe Rogan:  It’s inevitable.


Jason Silva:  Well, we make choices, right?  When we buy Apple products we’re saying we want things to have a sense of aesthetic.

We want them to be beautiful.  We want our symbiosis to be functionally rich but also aesthetically beautiful.  And that’s important.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.  There’s a thought that’s been going around a lot lately on the internet is the karma-free iPhones.

You know, I talked about it on this podcast and people are talking about it now.  The idea of making conflict mineral-free products.  Is that possible?


Jason Silva:  That’s huge.  That’s actually gonna be possible.  And with nanotechnology we can engineer our own materials from scratch coz we can manipulate things from the level of the atom.

We can turn dog shit into pearls.


Joe Rogan:  Goddamn it, son!


Jason Silva:  You call it the diamond age.


Joe Rogan:  That’s when shit’s gonna get really weird coz everyone’s gonna have a 10-foot dick made out of gold.


<background> (laughs)


Jason Silva:  Oh yeah.  Order an information file, print a toaster in your house.


Joe Rogan:  Man, you’re gonna have to pay for like electricity or everything’s gonna be solar?


Jason Silva:  No, everything’s gonna be abundant and infinite.


Joe Rogan:  How are we gonna pay for things?  Coz the monetary system we’re in right now doesn’t work.


Jason Silva:  Post-scarcity age.  There’s no.. no, you don’t pay for things.


Joe Rogan:  No paying for things?  Well, then how do you become a baller?  You can’t be a baller.. you know, you can’t make make a ring if everything’s free.

You can’t ever cut the baller out of  our society because then you’re gonna cut a lot of the funny out.


Jason Silva:  Why, do people love —


Joe Rogan:  Ridiculous behavior.  You can’t restrict ridiculous behavior.  If you wanna keep comedy.


Jason Silva:  Well, yeah, we can create virtual simulations that are indistinguishable from the real where you can be the baller in the virtual world.


Joe Rogan:  That is racist.  You gotta let ball — Because you can’t judge how many people become ballers.  A lot of white dudes become ballers style, right?

A lot of white dudes get black-eyed tattoos.  You know what I’m saying?  Talking to black guy, you can’t factor that in a computer simulation.

You gotta let that happen.  You know what I’m saying?  What happened to that white rapper dude that has all the platinum teeth?  Who’s like one of the most famous white rapper dudes coz he’s legit.


Brian Redban:  (whispers)  White rapper dude that has platinum teeth.  Eminem?


Joe Rogan:  No.


Brian Redban:  Coz that’s the only one I know.


Joe Rogan:  God damn it!  I can’t remember the dude’s name.


Brian Redban:  MC Chris.


Joe Rogan:  My point has been shattered if I can’t  remember his name.  My point’s been shattered.

Well, the point is if you couldn’t be able to figure that guy out in computer simulation.  You gotta let that guy happen in the real world.

So that would be the real problem.  If you restrict… all you know.. people really do evolve but it’s just not gonna be as funny.


Jason Silva:  I’m sure you’re gonna find a way to make it funny.

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