Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva

Meanwhile, Marge is strapped to a fucking giant rock going a thousand miles an hour in circle.


Jason Silva:  Thank you!  Right!


Joe Rogan:  Marge is hanging out in space.  You know the earth is not connected to anything.  It’s just floating out there.


Jason Silva:  Right.  It’s floating, and spinning —


Joe Rogan:  Mother fucker.  Spinning a thousand miles an hours around a giant nuclear explosion.


Jason Silva:  That’s right.


Joe Rogan:  A big, constant nuclear explosion that will eventually die.


Jason Silva:  Thank you.


Joe Rogan:  It’s bizarre.  It’s fuck.  “Well, you know, the Red Sox are doing well year…”


Jason Silva:  Right.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah, well they’ll find a way to fuck that up.  You know?  And they’re “how’s the tomatoes?”  and you know, they go back home and take a shit and that’s it.

And just wait for the inevitable.  While we spin.  (screams)  Why do we like mundane things?  What is the pull to do that?


Jason Silva:  There’s something comfortable in the prosaic because the world at large can be overwhelming to all of us.  I mean those videos are overwhelming.

Psychedelic trip is overwhelming.  I mean a big city can be overwhelming.  And I think that some people thrive in the spaces in which they’re overwhelmed.

And some people prefer to cower away from it due to circumstances in their lives, culture preconceptions, choices that they make.

And ultimately, I think, that’s.. I.. I don’t think we do well to judge anybody for how they choose to live.

I think that what you do is you try to do what you can to share many different ideas and many points-of-views, and they’ll find.. they’ll find the astonishment that they like best and partake, hopefully, in that one.


Joe Rogan:  You know, McKenna talked about technology once.  I’ll never forget this thing that he said.

He was talking about different areas in life where.. um.. he said that.. a failed symbiant is what a parasite is.

And that every parasite seeks to be a symbiotic organism and seeks… because we’re all symbiants —


Jason Silva:  They wanna keep eating.  They don’t want you to die coz then they’ll die.  They don’t wanna die


Joe Rogan:  I mean people have all sorts of funky living things live inside their body.  So we’re all symbiants.

And you know, when he talked about technology, one of the things that I thought always was that doesn’t it seem like technology is some sort of a symbiant?


Jason Silva:  100 percent.


Joe Rogan:  Like a living organism.


Jason Silva:  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  It seems like I have.. I was talking about.. I have that skeletons of the old shit lying around.  I found an old phone the other day.

It’s an old fuckin’ dead thing, you know?  Move past this.  This is a fucking mastodon.  I mean I’m looking at an old Mac.  That’s a dinosaur bone.  That’s really..


Jason Silva:  That’s why we call it the human technology co-evolution.  You know, I’m a fellow of an organization called Hybrid Realities Institute that says we are already cyborgs.


Joe Rogan:  When it becomes.. but do you believe in Kurzweil’s idea that there will be some sort of sentient intelligent life form who will become sentient, who will move around when it can think on its own and that will be a new life?  So it really is a new life.


Jason Silva:  Yeah.  We’re already hybrids.  Somebody puts a pacemaker on their heart or they put in a chip in their brain to help them with their tremors from like, you know, one of ..


Joe Rogan:  Dick Cheney pulse.  Did you know that?


Jason Silva:  I saw.. yesterday there was this new pump that they put in a guy.  He doesn’t have a pulse..


Joe Rogan:  Dick Cheney doesn’t have a pulse.  That sits in the Bible, son.  Right?


Jason Silva:  Think about it.  We live inside of the constructs of our imagination.  We live in a space that we use technology.  We use electricity.

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