Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva


Jason Silva:  Sure.


Joe Rogan:  I wanna be a black chick.  Just for like a year.


Brian Redban:  You just have to see a doctor, man.


Jason Silva:  To become your lover.  To have sex with your lover and become them.


Joe Rogan:  To become a black chick.


Jason Silva:  How about like having sex with your partner and like merging your nervous systems together.  I mean we’ve been trying to merge into one another.. what do you call it?  Tantric sex? —


Joe Rogan:  If you fuck on mushrooms you can make some shit happen.


Brian Redban:  Fucking — that’s what I like.


Joe Rogan:  Edible marijuana as well.  There’s something about that that makes it very sensuous.


Jason Silva:  Interesting.


Joe Rogan:  hmm.  The connection. The hive.  Yeah.  That’s when.. when we can all jump in to the human pool, right?


Jason Silva:  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  The human pool of thoughts and ideas, the human brain pool.  When all of us are.. there’s no cubicles.

The cubicles drop and we’re all in the same thing together. That’s gonna be strange.


Jason Silva:  We will become.. we’ll become gods.


Joe Rogan:  It seems like it’s inevitable, right?


Jason Silva:  Absolutely.


Joe Rogan:  It has to be.


Jason Silva:  One of my favorite quotes by Allen Harrington, who wrote.. he was part of the B generations, all those guys.  He wrote a book called The Immortalist.

He said, “We must never forget that we are cosmic revolutionaries.  Not stooges conscripted to advance in the natural order that kills everyone.”  So, we.. it’s romantic and defiant to say we will not go quietly into that good night, rage rage against the dying of the light.


Joe Rogan:  What was the first sentence?


Jason Silva:  We must never forget that we are cosmic revolutionaries.


Joe Rogan:  Could you imagine if you just walked around with a T-shirt that said “cosmic revolutionary”?


Jason Silva:  Oh, yeah.


Joe Rogan:  People would be like, “Really, dude?  What did you do today?  You jerked off.  You watched a Carl Sagan video on YouTube.”


Jason Silva:  Totally.


Brian Redban:  And you went to a comic bookstore —


Jason Silva:  Well, Carl Sagan.  Hundred percent.


Joe Rogan:  Awesome.  What a great fuckin’ title.  I think I’m gonna have to change my uh.. message board handle to —


Jason Silva:  To “Cosmic Revolutionary”


Joe Rogan:  Cosmic revolutionary.


Jason Silva:  Hell, yeah.


Joe Rogan:  I just think that’s beautiful.


Jason Silva:  Yeah, dude.  Well, a way for cosmos to know itself.  Sagan said it himself.  And also we are the frontal lobes of the universe.

Because so far we haven’t found anything more complicated in the brain anywhere.


Joe Rogan:  But there’s many things more douchy than calling yourself a revolutionary.


Brian Redban:  Fair enough. So I gotta drop it.


Jason Silva:  But how about —


Brian Redban:  sounds like a MySpace page.  Exactly!


Joe Rogan:  I gotta drop the handle… It would be very hypocritical.  I’ve made fun of people by calling themselves revolutionaries.

But someone’s gonna call you that, man.  Even if it’s tongue-in-cheek like with me and cosmic revolutionaries.  Even then, you gotta let somebody else call you.


Brian Redban:  Unless you have lightning bolts in the background.


Joe Rogan:  Maybe.  Like when I get a tattoo that says “Cosmic Revolutionary” in lightning bolts.


Jason Silva:  The thing is I think humanity is.  We are cosmic revolutionaries.  And also I think we’re nature’s secret weapon.


Joe Rogan:  Right.


Jason Silva:  Actually, the other.. one of the other videos I did is called —


Joe Rogan:  We’re something.


Jason Silva:  To Understand is to Perceive Patterns.  And one of the things it looks at is the recurring patterns that occur at different scales of reality from man-made systems to natural systems and back again.

It’s like these natural patterns that persist in nature.  And are now popping up in these big data visualizations of man-made systems.

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