Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva

And ultimately, you know, using science or technology to transcend the human condition might be the ultimate solution to the Becker dilemma.

That’s why I’m totally pro on Manhattan project to transcend death.  I’m all about it.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.  Do you find that when you do the calculations as far as like, you know, the human population and growth of technology —


Jason Silva:  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  Do you find a point.. I mean are you seeing where this is like gonna wind up?


Jason Silva:  Well, technology.. technology is a resource liberating mechanism.  People are talking about scarcity.

But scarcity is contextual.  Something is only scarce until you figure out the technology to make something to something abundant.

And this is what Peter Diamandi in his new book talks about.


Joe Rogan:  Right.  Like our dependence on fossil fuels.  We think — to fuel things.


Jason Silva:  Right. Well, once we transcend that technology.. I mean we got ten times more power everyday from the sun, you know, that we could ever use, right?

And we just need to figure out a way to capture that energy.  People talk about over-population.  But the reality is you could fit the entire world’s population in the state of Texas.  There’s still plenty of space.


Joe Rogan:  Really? The whole world?


Jason Silva:  Oh yeah.  The problem is resources.


Joe Rogan:  7 billion people in Texas, Brian. Can you imagine what the airport would look like?


Jason Silva:  Well, what happens is it’s an issue of resources, right?


Joe Rogan:  Right.


Jason Silva:  But if you have like, nanotechnology, or invitro meat, tissue engineering


Joe Rogan:  Oh, think meat.


Jason Silva:  Even PETA supports invitro meat.


Brian Redban:  Yeah, God.


Jason Silva:  You could take stem cells.. stem cells from an animal


Joe Rogan:  What if you get brain?


Brian Redban:  Stem cells from an animal meat sounds like it could be good.


Jason Silva:  Yeah.  Stem cells from a cow and grow all the meat you could ever need with no nervous system so no animal is suffering.  Never kill another cow.


Brian Redban:  That’s interesting.


Joe Rogan:  You better keep this formula aways from The Fleshlight people.


Brian Redban:  I’m interested.  I’m interested in it.


Jason Silva:  That’s the future.  And so people talk about.. and you know, or.. or.. have you ever.. aer.. aer.. or hydroponics.. have you heard of aeroponics?


Joe Rogan:  aeroponics?


Jason Silva:  Growing fruits and vegetables in mist?


Joe Rogan:  Wow.


Jason Silva:  And these vertical farming towers with this special mist and you don’t have to worry about like, you know the poison, the spring, and damaging, the farming, the land


Joe Rogan:  So the mist contains minerals–


Jason Silva:  Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Joe Rogan:  Wow.


Jason Silva:  It’s like hydroponics, but in mist.  Grow in mist.


Joe Rogan:  Holy shit.


Jason Silva:  Right!  And people don’t know about this stuff.  But it’s like absolutely insane.


Joe Rogan:  That’s incredible.  That’s a beautiful idea.


Jason Silva:  That’s what I’m saying.


Joe Rogan:  Wow.  Growing vegetables in mist.


Jason Silva:  And vertical towers, you know?  Where you could just like grow all the vegetable you could ever need.  You could genetically engineer it to have better like, vitamins.


Joe Rogan:    Yeah, but you can’t let Monsanto do that.


Jason Silva:  Well, it’s not gonna be Monsanto.  Just like computers used to be big centralized grids, and now everybody has an iPhone.

Or just like uh.. you know, GPS used to be this big government thing and now everybody has GPS in their phone.  These things will trickle down and empower individuals.

Biotechnology is not gonna be Monsanto.  Biotechnology is gonna be for the domestication of biotechnology.

It’s gonna be personalized medicine, personalized software, upgrade of your physiology. It’s not gonna be this fake government thing.


Joe Rogan:  Do you think there’ll ever be like a place where you go where you could become a new person?

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