Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva


Brian Redban:  What wonky?


Joe Rogan:  These eyelashes or lack thereof.


Brian Redban:  But what’s cool is that this is just one artist using the technology.


Jason Silva:  Right.


Brian Redban:  Imagine when we start having the like, you know, good artist.


Jason Silva:  Well, there’s painters that can paint a face that looks like a photograph.


Brian Redban:  Right.


Joe Rogan:  This is incredible.


Jason Silva:  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  If you.. What I was saying  was that if you made this like, with a video camera with your friends and pretended this was the new technology, it would look similar to this.


Brian Redban:  Yeah.  Just have a little shake cam to it.  That would totally look amazing.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.  If you like captured the newest technology, this is what the government is doing now, they’re creating fake news.


Brian Redban:  Yeah.


Jason Silva:    I think the next paradigm would be of film experience that just choose your own adventure film experience.  You know, based on your decision.

Like immersive, immersive virtual reality games.  You know, like that movie Existenz.  Actually, that’s a very interesting —


Brian Redban:  Cronenberg film


Joe Rogan:  They could create a fake.. one transmitted fake reality and then a real one that —


Brian Redban:  But then —


Jason Silva:  And then go into it and have a journey, and have something that you have to do, and then something to accomplish.  You could be like the James Bond and Indiana Jones narrative.


Joe Rogan:  Jeez.  What if you’re dying there, though?


Brian Redban:  Maybe you wake up.


Joe Rogan:  What if you’re crushed.  What if there were like glitches.  Every now and then you die for real.


Brian Redban:  It’d be like dying in a dream.


Joe Rogan:  Like, “Oh, you wanna be Indiana Jones, huh?”


Brian Redban:  Do you think that dying in a dream like that.. that can’t be good for you, right?

Like there has to be like every time you die in your dream, it’s like getting hit in the head really hard.  Like a part of your brain thinks you’re dead.


<background> (laughs)


Jason Silva:  I don’t like dying in my dreams.  It’s very weird.  And I always feel so relieved when I wake up.  Like, “Thank you!  Thank you!”


Joe Rogan:  Isn’t it funny that a lot of people hate life?  Like, “God, I’m so miserable.”  But yet, they’re happy when they don’t die in their dreams.


<background> (laughs)


Joe Rogan:  You know, in your dreams, “Go ahead, you fuckin’ pussy!  Take me!”


Jason Silva:  You know, it’s interesting you talk about like not appreciating life or hating life.  There’s a great documentary.  It’s called Flight from Death: The Quest for Immortality.

And it says that basically.. it sites the work of Ernest Becker, who’s a.. if you saw Annie Hall, it’s the book that Woody Allen gives Annie Hall in the bookstore about —


Joe Rogan:  Oh, really? Wow.


Jason Silva:  The denial of death.  And that’s a 1974 Pulitzer Prize book.  And it says basically that we’re essentially gods with anuses.  With our minds, we can ponder the infinite.

We’re seemingly capable of anything.  Yet we’re housed in a heart-pumping, breath-gasping, decaying body.  So we are godly, yet creaturely.

We can write poetry and build skyscrapers, but ultimately we’re food for the worms and that is the problem of the human condition.

Ultimately the source probably of the input is to be so creative to transcend this condition symbolically and artistically.

But he says even romantic love, in a way, is a way of dealing with the human condition.  You turn your lover into a deity.  She becomes your salvation.

That’s why one of the pop songs says, “She’s like the wind.  She’s like the sun.”  She provides the salvation that God no longer provides in the secular society, right?

Coz we have grown too sophisticated for religion, but we still need to work on our existential problems.  So then we do it with our lovers or we do it through creative acts.

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