Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva


Jason Silva:  And the third I forgot about it–


Joe Rogan:  No, I liked it.  I watch.. I watch all of them, dude.  I even watch Aliens vs. Predator.  I’m a sucker.  I’m stupid.

I’m like a 14-year-old boy, my taste in movies.  But that was a terrifying movie.  But you were right.  That guy has created a world.  He’s like a god.


Jason Silva:  Entire world, man.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.  He’s like a god of this mini world.


Jason Silva:  What comes next?  What’s gonna be the next immersive, transformative entertainment technology?


Joe Rogan:  You know, someone was talking about James Cameron.

They were talking about how derailing James Cameron was.  “Oh, James Cameron is like, ‘This fucking paint’s the wrong paint.  I wanted this color.  I wanted..'” and you know, there was like, “Oh, God, he’s so crazy.  He’s so demanding.”

I was like, “That’s the only way you get to be a James Cameron.”  You know?  How the fuck do you make something like Titanic.  How do you make a movie that big?

You better be a bad motherfucker.  You better be running shit.  You can’t half-half some pussy foot that fucking movie.

You’re gonna have a movie about a giant metal ship that crashes into the ocean and it’s gotta be a compelling movie, as well.


Jason Silva:  Who wouldn’t want to direct a film if you could because essentially, you’re god, right?


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.


Jason Silva:  You control every variable that you want.


Joe Rogan:  Dude, look at the Titanic.  Do you think you just sink a ship to make that movie?  That was all digital.  I mean —


Jason Silva:  They’re gonna make that in 3D and they’re releasing it.  It’s gonna be amazing.


Joe Rogan:  That’s incredible.  The idea of that kind of technology to recreate reality, that’s when your idea of recreating a full reality doesn’t seem so far off.


Jason Silva:  Not at all.  They already do it!  That’s what I’m telling.. we already do it, man.  Get on a plane, reserve with a wireless iPhone.

Make a reservation.  A few days later, get on a craft that flies you around the world to a place where no one knows your name and you have no memories.  Holy shit.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.  Holy shit, indeed.


Brian Redban:  You know what’s probably gonna be like the next big jump is?  Being able to go to a movie theater and control it.  I think we’ve talked about it before.  You know what I mean?


Jason Silva:  Oh, yes.  Yes


Brian Redban:  But what’s crazy is that.. that.. I think actors are on the way out.


<background> (laughs)


Brian Redban:  I mean there’s —


Joe Rogan:  We can only hope.


Brian Redban:  There was a video that was posted on Vimeo the other day on Cataco and it just kind of shows you what the next level of like Xbox, Play Station, what the CGI looks like for that.

It’s very close to being.. look at this video real quick.  It’s really close to being just scary, sketchy..


Joe Rogan:  Oh my God.


Brian Redban:  I mean it’s like.. Look how.. You could see the pores.  You could —


Joe Rogan:  That’s like a zit from cut from uh.. shaving.


Brian Redban:  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  It’s incredible.


Brian Redban:  This is an example of what the next Xbox type, Play Station console would be.  And this is just fucking video games for your house.


Joe Rogan:  See this doesn’t even look real.


Brian Redban:  Yeah.  It looks like Toby Maguire or something like that.


Joe Rogan:  But like, someone’s bullshitting us.  Like someone made a fake video to pretend —


Brian Redban:  No, I think what it is.. I think this is based on it.  New texture, technology that’s gonna be used in like an upcoming platforms for games.


Jason Silva:  So they need to make the supermodel version of that.


Joe Rogan:  Okay. Now, that looks a little wonky.  Just a touch.  Just a touch.

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