Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.


Jason Silva:  Like reprogram our brain.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.


Jason Silva:  I think cinema.. I think a gifted director is like the closest thing we have to a deity in a secular world.

They.. what they create, what bursts forth in the cinema, when your brain is tweaked to the film in the right way, is to me the modern version of a religious experience, right?


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.  What’s homeboy who did Alien?  What’s that guy’s name?


Jason Silva:  Ridley Scott?


Joe Rogan:  Ridley Scott.  Thank you.  He’s doing a new one —


Jason Silva:  Prometheus


Joe Rogan:  Oh my God.


Jason Silva:  Looks sick.


Joe Rogan:  When you hear Ridley Scott is doing another alien movie


Jason Silva:  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  You go, “God! Damn!  This is gonna be a wild two hours of my life.”


Jason Silva:  Yeah.  Exactly.


Joe Rogan:  I wanna sit down.  I’m gonna watch some crazy shit for two hours.


Jason Silva:  Oh yeah.  Oh yeah.


Brian Redban:  Hopefully he doesn’t do some George Lucas —


Joe Rogan:  No, he won’t.  He won’t.  Ridley Scott is not gonna do that.  He’s not gonna do that.  He  wouldn’t do that.




Brian Redban:  That’s what you used to say about George Lucas and then he made Jar Jar.


Joe Rogan:  Dude, but he’s.. listen, no one but Ridley Scott was capable of that first one.  That first Alien was motherfucker!

That was one of the greatest horror movies of all time, man.  And that thing was fuckin’ terrifying.


Jason Silva:  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  I thing that’s.. jumps on your fuckin’ face, shoots a load down your throat, a monster emerges out of your chest with an explosion and just fucks up everything.  And no one can stop it.


Brian Redban:  What’s Alien’s had the milky middle guy where it gets ripped in half and then the milk came out?


Joe Rogan:  Hmm.


Brian Redban:  You know what I’m talking about?  Like he was like a robot and he got split open and all these like, like robot juice flew all over.  I think maybe Aliens?


Joe Rogan:  Aliens?  No, no, no.  Um.. no, I don’t remember that, man.  I remember there was um.. Sigourney Weaver had like a crazy spacesuit on that she put to fight off the aliens.  Remember that?


Brian Redban:  Right.  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  Remember there was some like crazy robotic you bitch!  Back off!  Like she was gonna fight this fuckin’ super-sized, you know, beast.

Regular aliens were scary enough.  This was the crazy queen one and she was kicking the queen’s ass.  Not as good as Alien I, coz they went a little crazy.

They got a little Hollywood.  They tried to outdo themselves.  Much like the new fear factor.

It’s like if you went back to the premise of the first Alien, in the first Alien, she was way scarier.  That alien was fuckin’ horrifying.  You know?

Like you couldn’t see it.  You didn’t know where it was and it just jump at us and jack people.  In the second Aliens, they’re killing them left and right.

Like running in the holiday, aliens were coming out there like they’re stupid now and you could just shoot them.

You know, before they would, you know, they would sneak up behind you and they were intelligent and they were you know..


Jason Silva:  Well, you want.. you want the film to always be high concept.  I mean you wanna throw out some action in there, get people entertained, but you always want it to be high concept.

So if you’re into the ideas, you can also like be entertained.  Might as well, like metaphysical science fiction, you know


Joe Rogan:  The first one, though, was on that level.  The first one was just absolutely brilliant.  It was one of the greatest horror movies of all time.


Jason Silva:  There you go.


Joe Rogan:  You know, but the second one, it got crazy.  It was good–

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