Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva

The point is if you have catharsis in a dream or in a film or in a psychedelic trip or in the Euclidean mean space, it’s all real.  It doesn’t matter how you get it.

That’s why  William Gibson says, “The so-called distinction between the real and the virtual world is what we’re laugh at in the future.”  Coz there is no distinction.

When you watch a movie and you immerse in the film and you’re crying from the film, it happened to you.  It becomes real.

So, too, when you… somebody might be on a  psychedelic and have a transcendent vision and people say, “Oh that’s just coz he was on the drug.”

No.  The vision was real while he had it.  Dreams are real while you’re in them.

And if the vision can translate,  you know when it wears off, when you leave the movie theater, then you know that you’ve found something valuable.

Genuine illumination.  Fascinating idea, right?


Joe Rogan:  It is a fascinating idea.  And the idea that somehow another’s going to be a 3D, it’s gonna be around the —


Jason Silva:  Cinema


Joe Rogan:  films and stuff.  We’re gonna watch movies take place like all around us.  It’ll be in a world, a virtual world.


Brian Redban:  That’s like being inside Zoo Keeper, Joe.


<background> (laughs)


Joe Rogan:  Jesus Christ!  That’s incredible, Brian.


Jason Silva:  It’s kind of amazing.  I mean you know, we’re the naked ape, you know, Terrence McKenna says that we ate psychedelics when we left the savannas.


Joe Rogan:  What do you think about that?


Jason Silva:  Well, we left the jungles of Africa, went into the savannas.  Our diets changed.  We picked the magic mushrooms from the cow dung.

We started tripping.  He says it might have been a catalyst for language.  You what I think is a very compelling idea?

Because we don’t exactly know how language emerged, but he points to the fact that some psychedelics have a synesthetic effect.

Synesthetic means that it blurred your different senses so you see sounds or you hear sights.  And if you think about it language is synesthetic.

I use vocal patterns to transmit images to your brain wirelessly.


Joe Rogan:  Right.


Jason Silva:  Language was the first information technology that allowed me to transmit information through time and space outside of just DNA having sex with another DNA.

And so the synesthetic power of information technology might have been triggered by the synesthetic effect of the magic mushroom.

That’s the Stoned Ape hypothesis.  And I think it’s a brilliant theory for sure.


Joe Rogan:  That’s a really interesting way of putting it.  And I haven’t heard it said that way.   That it connects making noises with the images.


Jason Silva:  That’s synesthetic!


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.


Jason Silva:  Language used.. people don’t realize it, you know?  Language is synesthetic.


Joe Rogan:  It’s amazing and that’s what chimps haven’t figured that shit out yet.


Jason Silva:  And then the naked ape, what if–


Joe Rogan:  What if we start giving chimps mushrooms?  Maybe we should do that.  Maybe we should do that, man.  Maybe we should have just —


Brian Redban:  You want everything in the road with mushrooms now.


Joe Rogan:  gigantic compound where we feed chimps.  But just to see what’s up.


<background> (laughs)


Joe Rogan:  Feed shrooms to chimps.  That would be the most badass scientific experiment of all time.

And it’s a total Planet of the Apes type movie.  Do you think?  Could you imagine it if we did it for like three generations.  And then they started becoming people.  You know, like, “Stop!  Stop the experiment!”


Jason Silva:  Well, there’s some great cartoons that was, you know, that was in the internet.  Like it was an illustration showing this to an ape hypothesis.

You see like a bunch of monkeys like walking around, you know, whatever.  And then they, like, eat the mushroom.

And then they’re like, in their heads start seeing like, rockets flying to the moon, and satellites and cellphones, and cities, buildings erected from the ground.

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