Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva


Joe Rogan: Yeah


Jason Silva: He’s talking about using technology to augment consciousness.  But do it, do it in a sort of


Joe Rogan: How freaky would that be if we got to a point where we could re-engineer the mind that you are in the state of ecstasy all day?  Like you’re on E


Jason Silva: Dude why not?  Steve Silverman wrote that article about Steve Jobs talked about performing a medic cognitive hack of the human operating system.

Whether you use like yoga or meditation to use the mind, to watch the mind, ultimately to upgrade the mind or whether you do it.  You know, our thoughts shape our spaces and our spaces return the favor.

Like, we build environments in turn we engage in feedback loops with those environments, and they change the way we think.  My iPhone changes the way I think.

My Blackberry changes the way I think.  The internet changes the way I think.  Movies I watch change the way I think.


Joe Rogan: Like, do you go out of your way to take like healthy foods in your body


Jason Silva: Yeah


Joe Rogan: and do all about it?


Jason Silva: I’m all about food.  Brown rice, supplements I take.  I follow Kurzweil’s like uh pill


Joe Rogan: Yeah I do, I do as well


Jason Silva: Definitely dude


Joe Rogan: There’s a certain dramatic thing about Kurzweil in that. I wanna talk about this after we’re done about the documentary


Jason Silva: Yeah


Joe Rogan: Done with the commercial rather.  His documentary is so fascinating


Jason Silva: Transcendent Man


Joe Rogan: Transcendent Man.  So moving but also so dramatic.  Cause you realize this guy’s not getting any younger


Jason Silva: Yeah


Joe Rogan: And he’s on this weird quest to be there when it all goes down.  You know?  He wants to see it all go down.  That guy


Jason Silva: So do I! (laughs)


Joe Rogan: Yeah.  I guess I do, too.  But, I think, you know, the idea that you can hang on until this thing just completely fucking changes right in front of our face


Jason Silva: Yeah.  Well, I know, but I think it’s counter intuitive because it’s actually coming a lot faster than people think.


Joe Rogan: Yeah


Jason Silva: And it has to do with one of the basic tenants of his ideas is the exponential growth curves of technology in what he calls the Law of Accelerating Returns.

I mean the fact that your.. the cellphone in your pocket today is a million times cheaper and a million times smaller, and a thousand time more powerful than a $60 Million dollar supercomputer was in the 1960’s 40 years ago


Joe Rogan: That is insane, that is just an insane state at


Jason Silva: It’s a billion fold of increase.  Billion fold increase in price and performance that’s not stopping


Joe Rogan: That’s so crazy


Jason Silva: So in the next 25 years blood cell size devices trillions of times more powerful than that interfacing with your biological neurons in real time.  And that’s not even getting into the spillover into biology.  Which is now becoming an information technology.

Freeman Dyson, which is the top… like one of the top physicists in the world says, “In the near future, the new generation of artists would be writing genomes with the fluency that Blake, Byron, and Shakespeare wrote verses; which is the idea that the canvas of life itself is the new instrument for aesthetic design


Joe Rogan: Damn!  Son, you’re blowing my mind here


Jason Silva: Playing jazz


Joe Rogan: Wow


Jason Silva: Playing jazz with biology.  Like, imagine how impoverished the world would have been if we haven’t invented the technology of oil painting in time for Van Gogh or the technology of the instrument in time for Beethoven and Mozart to unfurl through it.


So, imagine now that the canvas of life itself.  What might we may create with it?  I mean we use the alphabet to engender alphabetic rapture with Shakespeare.  What are we gonna make with life?  That’s, that’s where we’re heading

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