Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva


Jason Silva:  Totally.  Well one of my favorites is Jo–


Joe Rogan:  You’ve read —


Jason Silva:  Joseph Campbell, you know.  He’s one of my heroes.


Joe Rogan:   Oh yeah.  Love him.


Jason Silva:  He talks about the hero’s journey, which is the ultimate archetype for human elimination.  He’s done a lot of lectures about the psychedelic experience as very very literally an experience of the hero’s journey.

I mean, consider the steps, you know?  Coz the hero’s journey obviously geographical journey, right?  Like going to the unknown.  Step away from the ordinary.   Transcend obstacles.

Have an apotheosis and a rebirth and a realization about life and then come back and then make a return with that illumination.  But see, isn’t that what happens anytime somebody partakes in a psychological trip?


Joe Rogan:  But what I was gonna say is I think that’s what happens when I watch your video.  When I watch your video I believe that’s a psychedelic experience.


Jason Silva:  Definitely.


Joe Rogan:  It is.  Yeah.


Jason Silva:  Yeah.  It manifests the mind.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.  It’s information coming through stunning visuals and it’s very.. it’s it’s imprinted.  You know.  You get the impact of it.


Jason Silva:  Totally.  Totally.


Joe Rogan:  That’s really what is.. that’s really what the pull of it all is, isn’t?  What you did, what you accomplished in that, that sort of is what the pull of all of these stuff is, right?


Jason Silva:  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  To get something that’s really, really inspires —


Jason Silva:  To perform an inception.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.  To just poom!  And just give them an explosion of new idea.  When you hit people with that, when that goes out there and blows up on them, you’re literally like pushing them off one path.  Even if it’s just for a few minutes until their —


Jason Silva:  Sure!


Joe Rogan:  Bullshit kicks in.  They’re fuckin’, you know, husband calls them, and you know, their kids are screaming.  But at least for a couple of minutes, man, you’re pushing them. you’re pushing them in the right way.


Jason Silva:  Wow.  It’s it’s amazing to hear you say that and there’s .. one of my favorite films is Inception, which was absolutely magnificent


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.  I didn’t really like that movie.


Jason Silva:  Well you should read the —


Brian Redban:  I loved it.


Joe Rogan:  (laughs) I liked it a little–


Jason Silva:  No, no, no, no


Joe Rogan:  But there were some parts where I was, “Wait a minute.  This is like a video game.” —


Jason Silva:  You need to see —


Joe Rogan:  Running around shooting people.  This is silly.


Jason Silva:  No, no ,no, no.


Joe Rogan:  He’s like he’s in slow mode.  He’s like on child’s mode.  It’s not even a real.. You know what I’m saying?  It was like an old movie.


Jason Silva:  You should check out the book Inception and Philosophy.  But um.. coz it talks about .. there’s some layers in the film.

But one of the ideas is that the entire film is actually a metaphor for filmmaking.  Coz think about what filmmaking is.  You create a dream.  You bring the audience into that dream.

And hopefully they fill it with their subconscious, which is what we do every time we watch  a film.  We relate to the characters based on the set of experiences that we have had, then the moods we’re already in when we go in the theater.

And if the film is successful, it performs an inception and it gives us catharsis.


Joe Rogan:  Right.


Jason Silva:  Literally the film breaks through the screen and becomes real in the watcher.  And isn’t that what happens when you have a psychedelic  experience and it transforms you?

Or when you have a geographical.. you take a trip somewhere and it transforms you?  Or ,you know, when you actually.. or when you watch a movie and it transforms you, or when you have a dream.  And the dream gives you illumination and it transforms you.

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