Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva


Jason Silva:  Proof of concept.  I’m basically saying that we used to talk about ideas in these forums and these Greek philosophers, and Roman philosophers would talk about ideas and people would just ruminate about ideas and that’s I mean..

You’re providing a space for that.  So that’s kinda cool.  And I’m trying to do that, too, in the short videos that I launched, you know.  I call them Shots of Philosophical Espresso.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah, they’re brilliant.


Jason Silva:  Thanks, man.


Joe Rogan:  I love them, man.  You put a bunch of them on Vimeo and it’s just.. they’re so stunning, and the visuals are so in tune with what you’re saying.


Jason Silva:  Thanks, man.


Joe Rogan:  They’re really good.  What’s the best way for people to find these?  What is the… just “Jason Silva Vimeo”?


Jason Silva:  Actually, yeah.  If they just Google “Jason Silva Vimeo” my Vimeo page has all of the videos.  That’s fantastic.  And they can go ..


Joe Rogan:  How many do you have?


Jason Silva:  Oh, I think I have like 28 videos in there and the.. the Shots of Philosophical Espresso, then I have a series called The Human Condition, where I look at… oh, we’re watching one?


Joe Rogan:  Dude, just take a bong head and watch this shit.  Alright? That’s what I’m telling you, ladies and gentlemen.  That’s what you need to do.  This is a.. oh, there you are.


<background> (The Human Condition clip plays)


You do it from the beginning so people can hear this.  ‘Coz is such a trip.  This is.. you can’t.. you can’t start this.. here we go.


Jason Silva:  Nice.


<background> (The Human Condition clip plays:  …  I’m pretty much an optimist. I’m reminded of Rich Doyle’s life and Darwin’s Pharmacy he says, “Dreams cannot lack reality.  They are real patterns of information.” 

But the Imaginary Foundation says, “The role of the human imagination is to conceive all these delightful futures, choose the most amazing, exciting, and ecstatic possibility; and then pull the present forward to meet.”

That is what we do.  We bring our imaginings into existence, but I think that technology has an advantage.  We’ve found ways to outsource mental capacities to our tools so much more.

Our ability to manipulate the physical world has increased in exponential fashion.  So we’ve been able to shrink a lag time between our imaginings and instantiation in the real world. 

Even Deutsch speaks in his new book, The Beginning of Infinity.  He says, “If you look in the topography of the island of Manhattan today, that topography is a topography in which the forces of economics and culture and human intent have trumped the forces of geology.” 

I mean the topography of Manhattan today is no longer shaped by mere geology.  It’s shaped by human mind and by economics and by culture. 

So what David Deutsch extrapolates is that ultimately that would be the fate of the whole universe.  He says gravitation and anti-matter might only shape the universe in its least interesting stages. 

But eventually, the whole entire thing will be subject to the intent of substraight independent, infinitely more powerful minds.  And to conceive of that just.. it makes me feel ecstatic.)


Joe Rogan:  Dude.  Shhh… Are you fuckin’ kidding me, man?


Jason Silva:  (laughs)


Joe Rogan:  Are you fuckin’ kidding me?  That may be one of the best two-minute videos on the web.  How many minutes was that?


Brian Redban:  I think less than two minutes.


Joe Rogan:  Whatever that is.  That might be one of the best videos on the web.  That is a bong-hit wonder.


Jason Silva:  Well, you know, I used to…


Joe Rogan:  Awesome!


Jason Silva:  The word that I always love to use is “epiphanize”.  I want to epiphanize people, to give them a download, to give them a micro-psychedelic trip.  The one that is scripted.

So you don’t wanna be tripping in a scrambled space with no context.  You want a scripted, transcendent experience.

And I think with these videos, what I was trying to do was take inspiration, take an epiphany, usually a lonely experience that happens in one’s head.

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