Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva

Cue Tom Robbins.  Tom Robbins, the writer.  He’s a comedian as well maybe or something?  But he wrote about.. this guy, Tom Robbins was writing about psychedelics and he said the plant genies, as is the same marijuana or psychedelics… the plant genies do not necessarily manufacture imagination or  wonderment.

It’s not that they make you more imaginative.  But what they do or what they can do is to pull us out of context so dramatically that we end up gawking in amazement that the ubiquitous  everyday wonders were culturally conditioned to ignore.

But you don’t need drugs to be pulled from context.  That’s just one way that some people do it.  You can do it by travelling.  You can do it by falling in love.  You can do it by having the rug pulled from underneath your feet.  Illumination…


Joe Rogan:  You just have to be inspired.


Jason Silva:  Yes.  Plus we, you know.. but then we have this other thing called “hedonic adaptation”, which is what trumps everything that’s always around always becomes invisible.

And that’s why we always need novelty because we don’t appreciate what we have because we get used to it, because the brain gets used to it.


Joe Rogan:  That’s a.. that’s a terrible disease.


Jason Silva:  Hedonic adaption is the first cure with like bioengineering that we need to fix.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah, we need to fix that, right?


Jason Silva:  So that we could be perpetually open and in awe.  You know what I’m saying?

But really, it’s about finding ways to remove yourself from context, different perspectives.  New thoughts, new spaces, new ideas, right?


Joe Rogan:  It is the hunger for it, the constant hunger for it.


Jason Silva:  I haven’t because otherwise I’d go into the darkness.  Like if I’m not in awe, I start thinking about human beings.  We’re the only species that’s aware of our mortality.

So it cause cognitive stress.  What do we do with the fact no matter how much we create, how many people we fall in love with, we’re all just foods for worms in the end?


Joe Rogan:  So you’re essentially like an awesome collector of ideas.


Jason Silva:  Kind of.  A friend of mine called me…


Joe Rogan:  I mean, you have a lot of great ideas of your own, but you have an awesome collection of these ideas.  And it’s uh.. you know..

do you feel like that’s your calling, to get that out there?  You obviously have a very unique and well-studied perspective–


Jason Silva:  Oh, thank you.


Joe Rogan:  And when you’re talking about these things, you’re obviously very passionate about it.  What are you trying to do?

Are you trying to like, get other people hip to this? Carry… a strap in and prepare yourself?


Jason Silva:  Yeah, yeah.


Joe Rogan:  Come along for the ride?


Jason Silva:  Yeah.  Well, yeah, wow!


Joe Rogan:  Coz when you start saying shit like this, you know a lot of things you said in this video is, you know..

You’re putting these little seeds in the heads of people all over the world that may not necessarily have every thought that idea before.  That’s a powerful thing, man.


Jason Silva:  Yeah.  Well, one of my heroes is Timothy Leary and also I really love Bucky Fuller.  And they used to call themselves performing philosophers.  You know?

Taking intergalactic-sized ideas and using the power of media for communications to spread those ideas.  People like Marshall McLuhan did it as well.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah, he kinda did it as well.


Jason Silva:  And McKenna did it as well.  Performing philosophers, you know?  Leary said that in the information age, you don’t teach philosophy.  You perform it.

If Aristotle were alive today, he’d have a talk show or YouTube channel or podcast like the Joe Rogan Podcast!  I mean you, in a way, are the modern day Aristotle–


Joe Rogan:  That’s ridiculous.


Jason Silva:  Spaying forth ideas, inspiring people.  But what I’m saying is proof of —


Joe Rogan:  I used to play with animal dicks on TV and I’m sponsored by a fake vagina.  Don’t you dare, sir!

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