Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva


Jason Silva:  Scary


Joe Rogan:  and those machines allowed a third party input.  It’s so crazy.  It’s just amazing.  So these… they probably sold these crazy dudes the amount on these donkey countries, but all these strange countries in Afghanistan.

You know like… look… like those warlord type dudes that are living in those places… You know what someone told me?  The best way they get information from us guys is to give them Viagra.

Like in Afghanistan they give the dudes Viagra.  And then they give up information to Taliban like that (snaps fingers).  We’re so silly.


Jason Silva:  Wow.


Joe Rogan:  At the end of all of our technology


Jason Silva:  Just a Viagra quick fix.


Joe Rogan:  Viagra for a crazy warlord type dudes who live in the mountains.


Jason Silva:  Wow.  It’s crazy.


Joe Rogan:  It’s ridiculous.  Where do you think we’re gonna be in a hundred years, man?


Jason Silva:  Aw, man.


Joe Rogan:  Are we gonna be living in some sort of a fake universal?


Jason Silva:  Saturating universal intelli — oh, virtual reality, I think, is definitely coming.  Once we hack the nervous system, we won’t have to interface with cyberspace through these square little devices, you know?

It’ll be like neuromansory, you know, William Gibson says that cyberspace tapped into our sort of instinct that this information world… information is spatial, and we wanna cruise this digital realms.

We wanna be.. it’s like the Matrix, except not a dystopia.  Why does the Matrix have to be a cautionary tale?


Joe Rogan:  Right.


Jason Silva:  I like the idea of going into my own private universe or like a lucid dream in Vanilla Sky where the universe is sculpted based on my preferences and moods.

I render things into existence at a faster, faster rate.  I mean we’re already living in a world that’s shaped by the mind.  It’s just that the buffer time is shrinking as the tools get more powerful.

Eventually, the speed of thought will render things into existence at that sort of light speed.  That’s where we’re headed.


Joe Rogan:  Jesus Christ!  How far away is that?  How far away is the speed of thought making material things out of the Ether?


Jason Silva:  (laughs) Once we could —


Joe Rogan:  That’s like a psychedelic trip


Jason Silva:  It is like a psychedelic trip.  It offers a glimpse of the world that’s created by mind.  We already live in a world made of language.

I mean everything we have is objectification of the imagination… Here’s McKenna.  You know, people say, “Oh, he was just about advocating psychedelics.”

He was about much more than that.  First, McKenna was a futurist, a poet, and a technologist in many way who understood the transformative power of…


Joe Rogan:  Even if he wasn’t, it was cool to just listen to him talk.  The dude had such a crazy way of phrasing things and putting things together.

Really interesting dude.  You know, the first time I ever did DMT, I actually heard him talk in my DMT trip.  it was the strangest fucking thing ever.


Jason Silva:  Wow.


Joe Rogan:  It was so strange ‘coz.. I don’t know if you’ve ever done anything like that, DMT?


Jason Silva:   No.  I can’t say that I have.  Although, I’ve read a lot about it.  Um.. very curious just having found the setting in time.


Joe Rogan:  McKenna always talked about having psychedelic trips and one of the things he said was to not give in to astonishment.”  There’s a voice inside the DMT trip that tells you, “Do not give in to astonishment.”

And that’s the first time I did it.  I blasted through… you literally hear.. but you don’t hear it.  You don’t hear it, but it’s saying, “Do not give in to astonishment.”  I was like, “Wow!  This is the craziest shit ever!”


Jason Silva:  Yeah.  Yeah, yeah.  Th-that’s uh…


Joe Rogan:  It’s like —


Jason Silva:  I love the word “astonishment” because it’s like, I mean, what’s he’s teasing at is this idea of astonishment, wonder, awe.  Like rapturous awe, to be pulled from context.

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