Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva

So what that means is they cast a wider association in that. So when you said “bird”, they didn’t just think of “wings” and “flight”.  They thought of “transcending one’s limitations”, “going beyond one’s limit”, “soaring above it all.”

They just cast wider ways of connecting the ideas to other ideas.  And isn’t that what creativity is all about?  So for the first time we were able to physiologically quantify the claims made by so many artists.  And for society to restrict that, I think is just.. it goes beyond the bounds of reason.  It’s not reasonable.


Joe Rogan:  It’s just I know so many people that benefit from it and yet it’s still illegal.  It’s completely illogical.  It’s just clear evidence that someone is suppressing human behavior.

Someone is trying to move forward this same exact culture that they’re enjoying right now.  They don’t.. it’s a psycholo —  it’s a psychoactive capability thing as much as it is a thing about it as a commodity, you know?

That’s one of the things people don’t understand.  Marijuana is illegal because of its status as a commodity as much as it is because of its psychoactive effects.


Jason Silva:  Sure.


Joe Rogan:  There’s a lot of pharmaceutical companies that do not want it to be legal because it’s a.. it would be a natural commodity that would cure a lot of ailments that there are prescription drugs available for the people have patents on and they stand to lose millions and millions of dollars.

And that’s where all they’re lobbying power, their financial influence, that’s where all that stuff come in the — and that’s why it’s illegal.  It’s completely preposterous.


Jason Silva:  And that’s very embarrassing–


Joe Rogan:  That’s the problem.


Jason Silva:   It’s also very unfortunate.  But I also think that–


Joe Rogan:  Well, all of our


Jason Silva:   advocacy… advocacy.. you know, people have never had more power to create grassroots movements.  I mean it’s the same fuel that is fueling the, you know, the Arab spring.

I think people can band together and demand change.  I mean, it’s the same way we took down SOPA, right?  I mean, people can get together and create this advocacy and have ultimately the same lobbying power as these corporations.

I mean that’s something that’s the internet is allowing for us.  So…


Joe Rogan:  I think it’s certainly moving in that direction, right?


Jason Silva:  Yeah.  I hope so.


Joe Rogan:  It feels like it.  It feels like people are actually paying attention to what people… like the SOPA thing.. people are actually paying attention to the reaction that people are having on the internet, and they’re going, “Okay.  Let’s step back here and let’s reassess this.”

You know?  I think ultimately it has to be the way that people decide on things.  We can’t go through this wonky–


Jason Silva:  Well, the hive mind of the society.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah!  It is the hive mind. I mean people are gonna hack it… how many.. really?  How much.. really?  You don’t think they’re gonna be able to fix the hacks and the.. I mean, come on, man. There’s always gonna be a game like that, but it’s still better–


Jason Silva:  It’s self-correcting..


Joe Rogan:  But that doesn’t mean that you live in the hands of these crazy fucking Diebold people or any of these.. you know.. You’ve seen those documentaries on how they were able to fix voting machines.  They’re able to change the results of the —


Jason Silva:  Well, there’s a lot of controversy.  I grew up in Venezuela where uh.. you know, we had a president that keeps supposedly getting re-elected —


Joe Rogan:  Oh no!


Jason Silva:  As he.. as he you know, imprisons his political opponents, inappropriate stakes over private property, and rumor has it has been rigging the voting machines.


Joe Rogan:  Oh my God.


Jason Silva:  and you know, it’s a problem. I uh.. I know that story, that rumor all too well.


Joe Rogan:  Dude, you know, I don’t know who used it.  I don’t know if it was used, but they do absolutely know for a fact that it’s possible to change the votes.  It’s possible to change the number and they —

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