Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva


Joe Rogan:  I’m an antenna for the mighty Shiva.


Jason Silva:  Well, Timothy Leary said the brain is a transceiver.  But you know what’s brilliant about what you just said?  It’s because you are creating a podcast now where you are putting a variety of interesting ideas that reach all sorts of different people, and inspires all these people.

So you become a node because you reach millions of minds.  You infect those minds with new ideas.  Your ideas have virality, spreading power, infectivity.

Think about yourself as participating in the evolutionary process, spreading your seed as it were–


Joe Rogan:  When I do think like that I shouldn’t have been too mean to AT&T.  I’m sorry.  I don’t know how hard it is to run a network.


Jason Silva:  (laughs)


Joe Rogan:  You guys were the first to have the iPhone.  I appreciate you for that.  I’ve been a loyal customer for years.  It’s not that bad.  I was just making comedy.  I’m sorry.


Brian Redban:  You’ve an AT&T guilt.


Joe Rogan:  I do have a little AT&T guilt, when you think about it that way — putting out some negative energy.  I do like the fact… the reason I have the AT&T phone is so I could use the email and the internet —


Jason Silva:  There you go.  You use it more than you would think, too.


Joe Rogan:  I do. I use that a lot.  It has a feature I didn’t think I would use, but I do.  I’m sorry, AT&T.  I was just fucking with you.


<background> (laughs)


Jason Silva:  You know, it’s very interesting that you.. that you mentioned um.. that you mentioned marijuana.. um.. as something that helps you get ideas.


<background> (are you a cop?)


Jason Silva:  No, we’re talking just about stuff that’s been published.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.  I think uh.. anybody who smokes marijuana or eats marijuana, especially eats it…Anyone’s gonna tell you there’s an enhancement there, you know?  The idea of whether or not it’s a performance-enhancing drug, I say it is.


Jason Silva:  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  You know, I don’t think you should be able to fight high.  I think if a guy got in the UFC high, he might have an advantage.  For real.  I’m not kidding.

A cognitive advantage.  The real problem with it is that you could’ve gotten high a week ago.  And there’s no way you’re completely stone cold sober, but when you take a drug test, the drug test will show that you test positive for marijuana.

So you’re not under its positive effects whatsoever.  It’s just the fact that it stays with you in your fatty cells.


Jason Silva:  Its continued illegality is a testament to sort of an intellectual stagnation in our society.  I mean even back in the day, Abraham Lincoln..

Abraham Lincoln used to say, “Prohibition goes beyond the bounds of reason because it makes it a crime for the things that are not a crime by legislating a man his appetite.”  You can’t tell somebody what they can’t do in the privacy of their own home–


Joe Rogan:  It’s silly.


Jason Silva:  It’s not hurting anybody else, particularly with so many artists are talking about how it has helped them in so many ways.

Norman Mailer used to say it was divine for new associations.  Carl Sagan, okay, my freakin’ hero, used to rave —


Joe Rogan:  Marijuana’s freaking with Carl Sagan.  He’s so legit.  You gotta say fuck it.


Jason Silva:  My fuckin’ hero.


Joe Rogan:  He is my fuckin’ hero.


Jason Silva:  Carl Sagan used to enjoy cannabis, you know.  And there was an actual article recently in a psychiatry journal.  That uh.. they looked at marijuana and creativity by studying semantic priming.

Semantic priming means if you activate a word, its immediate associations get triggered in your head.  So if I say “bird”, you think of “wing”.  You think of “flight”.

Those are normal associations.  And it turns out that people that claimed marijuana made them more creative.  It turns out that it induced semantic.. no, sorry, it induced a hyper-priming effect in them.

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