Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.


Jason Silva:  So ideas having spaces and liquid networks, as Steven Johnson talks about, spaces where they can complete each other, where they can intermingle —


Joe Rogan: Yeah


Jason Silva:  where they can fuse and recombine.  I mean we’re having the primordial soup of human culture creating a new replicator.

And these replicators are achieving more change than biological evolution ever did.  And that’s where things get kind of crazy — what they call the noosphere.  It’s this new thing that rises above the biosphere or psyche or mind lives.

And guess what?  Mind is now transcending time, space, and distance.  We’ve become post-geographical beams, where shared passions can conjure self-organization and teamwork and collaboration and cooperation in these open spaces.

Without like, entropy getting in the way.  Without having to like, “Get over there!  The labor that it takes to get over there to meet that person.”


Joe Rogan: What was the idea that McKenna had that there’s like some.. some transcendent object that the end of time that’s pulling us towards it, and as we get closer to it we become more like it?  Is that what it is?


Jason Silva:  I think that that was his metaphor —


Joe Rogan:   His more crazy way of looking at it?


Jason Silva:  Yeah.  I mean uh.. the metaphor everybody uses is a different word, you know, Kurzweil coins it in Singularity, which is a metaphor borrowed from physics to describe what happens when you go through a black hole, which is to say all the laws of physics collapse…

so you borrow that to describe this kind of event horizon that’s just within our reach where it almost becomes impossible to define or describe, because at that point we’re gonna be so deeply intertwined with this new tools that are gonna change the way we think and perceive and are basically… and McKenna might have a different name for it, you know.

This guy used to call it the Omega Point, you know? Pierre de Chardin, this Jesuit priest talked about a move towards the Omega Point.  I mean all the metaphors are there and uh.. we’re already there.


Joe Rogan:  Right.


Jason Silva:  We fly through the air and talk on the phone and surf the web and machines with wings on them over oceans.


Joe Rogan:   Yeah.  No shit. (laughs)  Where are we?


Jason Silva:  Where are we?


Joe Rogan: The plane thing is amazing.  It’s still the same thing.  It’s still get-in-the-tube-fly-in-the-air.  Like we haven’t figured that… that hasn’t really gotten any better.  When someone invented it–


Jason Silva:  Well, at that point it’s economics.


Joe Rogan:  Is that what it is?


Jason Silva:  It’s just the price of the fuel.  I mean they’ve become much safer.


Joe Rogan:    Oh, for sure.


Jason Silva:  I think the chances of having an accident is like one in 125 million.  So…


Joe Rogan:  It’s yeah.. it’s way safer.  I mean it’s just still the same thing.


Jason Silva:  We need teleportation.


Joe Rogan:  It’s still just crazy the same thing.  Yeah.  When is that gonna pop up?  Coz it seems that this plane thing’s been going on for a while.  Like, “Really? That’s it?  That’s as good as we could do it?”  I feel like there’s some other shit, you know?


Jason Silva:  Oh, definitely.


Brian Redban:  It’d be cool when we could transfer brains.  Like.. like.. you have a… empty soul over on the other side, so you could like, “Alright, I’m just gonna transfer my brain thoughts–


Joe Rogan:  Oh, and have like a whole..


Brian Redban: into another brain.” Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.  Probably a human copy.  And that was Kurzweil’s idea, right?


Jason Silva:  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  That you’re able to copy yourself into an operating system —


Jason Silva:  I mean yes and that creates that phys.. philosophical conundrum because it’s if you scan your brain and you put it in a computer, then which is you, that one or this one?

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