Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva


Podcast 183


Joe Rogan:  The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is brought to you.  Brought to you by a bunch of different things.  All from embarrassing when talking in front of new guys


<background> (laughs)


Joe Rogan:  One of them is the Fleshlight.  The Fleshlight is the number one sex toy for men.  People, well, that’s ridiculous that’s preposterous.  Why would you wanna be involved with something like that?  (sigh) Yeah


Jason Silva:  I think it’s pretty cool Man why not?


Joe Rogan:  Well the issue is, you know, that there is something pornographic about it.  Cause it’s like, you know, it’s a visual vagina too.  It’s not just a masturbation device.


Joe Rogan:  I think some people have —


Jason Silva:  Wow


Joe Rogan:   an issue with the fact that it actually looks like a vagina.  I think it would be less offensive if it was just a hole.  But there is something that is a pornographic element of it —


Brian Redban: Sure


Joe Rogan: being a fake vagina that some people are uneasy with.  Hey Brian, ease back Bro. Everybody is into pulling things open these days.  What’s that about?  Stop that.

Uhm anyway it’s a great tool for masturbation and you gonna masturbate, cut it out everybody does, let’s be real.  This is way better than your hands.


Brian Redban: Well of course I mean there are many ways to masturbate


Joe Rogan:  exactly


Jason Silva: There is intellectual masturbation


Joe Rogan:  True


Jason Silva: You can get off in awe,


Joe Rogan: Sure


Jason Silva: you can get off in these various, various ways


Joe Rogan:  Don’t you feel that some people that get off bragging and they can’t wait to talk to you.  Tell you all the awesome shit they’ve accomplished.

Like every time you’re around them they’re just waiting for it and then they just get it off on you.  Ohh… it’s like that they came on your tits.


Jason Silva: Eeee… yeah.  True but you know when they say?


Joe Rogan:  Is it?  Does it appear to be like that?


Jason Silva: Yeah I think we all have a desire to be understood and to be acknowledged…


Joe Rogan: and appreciated yeah


Jason Silva: in the universe of human things.  I feel like if we can try to be compassionate to that idea


Joe Rogan: Right


Jason Silva: Then we should give it to people


Joe Rogan: Right


Jason Silva: My friend just always tell me just, just


Joe Rogan: Just give it to them


Jason Silva: give it to them.  They are doing the best they can.  We all are doing the best we can


Joe Rogan: That’s a good way of looking at it.  I mean that’s a healthy way of looking at him just give it to him


Jason Silva: Yeah


Joe Rogan: Don’t resist, right?


Jason Silva: Yeah


Joe Rogan: They’re not doing anything terrible


Jason Silva: Yeah


Joe Rogan: This is silly


Jason Silva: Yeah, well, you know?


Joe Rogan: Chasing some drop of knowledge on you bitches.  Anyway, we’re still doing a commercial, unfortunately.


Jason Silva: Well I didn’t realize that


Joe Rogan: That’s how we do it, dude.  We sneak it up on people


Jason Silva: so shrewd yeah


Joe Rogan: It’s ninja style


Jason Silva: exception


Joe Rogan: Uh.. Go to click on the link for the Fleshlight.  Enter in the code name Rogan and you will get 15% off on the number one sex toy for men.  We’re also brought to you by  That’s O-N-N-I-T makers of Alpha Brain, the cognitive enhancing supplement or neutrobic.  Are you aware of neutrobics?  Have you tried any of that stuff?


Jason Silva: Um.. well, you know, I’m a big fan of David Pearce and his Hedonistic Imperative, where he’s talking about genetically rewriting the human genome so that bliss becomes the norm of mental health, you know?

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