Joe Rogan and Kevin Smith Podcast 134


Joe Rogan: It was very close.  It just got stupid.  Too many times it just lost.  It went of back to the woods too many times


Kevin Smith:  is that what it was?


Joe Rogan: Dude, as a character it was great.  He would have been awesome Conan.  Under the right direction with the right script.  I wrote or read rather a something that the guy who made it wrote.


Kevin Smith:  yes


Joe Rogan: And he talked about his original script.  And how it got butchered all the way.  And that makes sense.  Like when you see something so dis-jointed, where so many parts of it were awesome.  Like the little kid in the beginning.  That was fucking bad ass


Kevin Smith:  I didn’t see it


Joe Rogan: You didn’t see it?


Kevin Smith:  Your talking about the new Conan


Joe Rogan: Yeah you didn’t see the new Conan.  Save it, but if you do see it.  There’s part. This is why..


Kevin Smith:  I’m a huge fan of the old Conan


Joe Rogan: Me too.  But I’m a Robert E. Howard  fan, man


Kevin Smith:  So you go back even deeper.  Alright as a Howard fan.  Did you see ah..  what was that movie about him.  With Renee Zellweger in..


Joe Rogan: You know what?


Kevin Smith:  Its not real..


Joe Rogan: I bought that movie.  I had it on the back of my fucking shelf.  My dvd shelf but I never watched it


Kevin Smith:  something, something world.. man I forget.  But anyway.  If as a fan, as a Howard fan.  Did you like the Arnold Conan?  Or did you feel like reading the shinning book vs. the Cooper shinning movie?


Joe Rogan: Its like they cartoonified it for sure.  Conan was much more ruthless and brutal, and bloody, and it way crazy.  Like I say..


Kevin Smith:  soften them you feel


Joe Rogan: Oh yeah. Both of them softened him. Yeah, I mean he was.. he was.. you know, like.  It was a compassionate guy.  He always did the right thing.  But he was fucking hacking heads off, left and right..


Kevin Smith:  right


Joe Rogan: He was just a barbarian making his way thru magic and sorcery, and monsters, and fucking hordes of ogres, and mean.. they were just crazy ass fucking wild stories.  Robert E. Howard was a bad motherfucker.  But he was ultimately crazy and winded up blowing his own brains out.   I think he was 36 or something


Kevin Smith:  His Whole Wide World that’s the name of the movie I think


Joe Rogan: Is that what it is?


Kevin Smith:  Yeah, probably.  He killed himself


Joe Rogan: yeah, yeah, yeah.  He was just so into his fucking.. his world of fantasy was so good.  But his real life was sucked, man.  His real life was just miserable.  He hated it.  He made this character.  Whatever pain that he was going thru in his real life.  He poured in it into this character being powerful.  You know, its just.. there weren’t just straight sci-fi fantasy books.  They were so consistent..


Kevin Smith:  right


Joe Rogan: they were some great ones, man.  I have fucked and loved them.  I would buy them with paperbacks with Frank Frazetta oil paintings on the cover of them.. holy shit!


Kevin Smith:  yes


Joe Rogan: you know.. those were books, man.  That was an amazing shit that


Kevin Smith:  Did you read the comics as well?


Joe Rogan: Yes I did.  One of the saddest point of me being a comedian that I had to sell all my comic books


Kevin Smith:  Which ones?  Conan


Joe Rogan: Ohh.. sold everything, man.  I sold my Spidermans.  My Conans.  Most when Marvel.  I had Marvel and I had a lot of creepy and eerie.  You know those independent magazines


Kevin Smith:  What, did it went for rent?  Just rent for a month


Joe Rogan:  Barely.. got some food out of them

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