Joe Rogan and Kevin Smith Podcast 134


Joe Rogan: yeah


Kevin Smith:  luckily I connected it quickly.  But I love doing it on stage.  I used to be, you cant let people know.  And I’m like, lets be realistic.  Like A. I’m 41  B. I’m in the middle of the fucking labyrinthine story to begin with, that there was so many moving parts.  And B. see if you can throw some weed on top of that.  You know, every once in a while your gonna slip.  And your gonna forget the detail.  But as long as the audience is there to rescue you.  Its all good


Joe Rogan: I love the fact that your honest about it.  You know, there is a lot of people who aren’t honest about the positive effects of it and they treat like its a trivial thing.  You know when I.. when I was.. one of the things I was upset with Dr. Drew about.  But I really do love Dr. Drew.  He is like, ah you wanna go smoke your weed, smoke your weed.  Like look and I’m not telling not to do it.  But he’s dismissive about it being a positive thing.  It was always like, yey you wanna do everything you wanna do with your life.  I’m for free will,


Joe Rogan: right


Kevin Smith:  I’m for you having a good time.  And you wanna ruin your thing and go right ahead I’m thru.  But that’s not, your not taking to account all the people talks about this amazingly positive that have from it.  You know, your always talking about it


Kevin Smith: Its mind medicine, man.  It, its.. and some people be like.. oh its just what it is.  It fuel your creativity.  I say quite, No.  Its quite the opposite.  Like I don’t think I ever gotten a new idea from weed.  That  I wouldn’t have had otherwise.  What weed allows you to do is chase the good idea.  Ah embrace it rather than let  it go.  Someone would judge it or  for fear that it wont work.  Or hey this hasn’t been done yet. So I find doesn’t make me creative as much as it knocks down the inhibitions that block creatively.  Like the reason you don’t go further on that cool idea, because your afraid its gonna be judged or wont turn out, or who would ever buy this?  What am I thinking?  Or I cant pull something this off.  Weed you could smoke away those inhibitions.  Its very important, man.  That no matter how long we are here.  To push down all those, even the dopiest fucking fears.  The things that your like.  Anything that boxes you in.  Like your talking about people like this, sometimes kick that box tighter and tighter in your eyes.  But its more important to kind of understand why things happen.  Why, who invented it, what makes it work?  so to speak.  Get to the bottom of it


Joe Rogan:  Weed makes you into prospective


Kevin Smith: It really does.  You start looking in.  You start thinking.  You start.. it creates time for me in it.  It creates time to think



Joe Rogan: We have cannabanoid receptors in our brain


Kevin Smith:  Oh I love Discovery.. go Yoda do


Joe Rogan: that responds to THC.  You know, we know human use of THC goes back at least 10,000 years.  We, we, you know, were constantly finding like old mummies with bags of weed with them.  You know, there’s people that believe that it had some part of the evolution of language, you know


Kevin Smith:  explain.. explain..


Kevin Smith:  the idea of this cannabinoid receptors right.  The idea that you’ve got receptors in your brain.  Tuned in to give you.. to tune into exactly this marijuana plant is giving you


Kevin Smith:  And only that, they do nothing else but that


Joe Rogan: But they also, they also, i think cannabanoids ah.. can be fired up when you have that runs inside too.  I think somehow very similar


Kevin Smith:  And you were the one that telling me this.  I think it was fuckin when you were in the show, and telling me like that.  The drug that or the brain kicks in, when something when your about to die they say

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