Joe Rogan and Kevin Smith Podcast 134


Kevin Smith:  you have to be way famous


Joe Rogan: I think so before people would pay attention


Kevin Smith:  oh that’s hilarious


Joe Rogan: How famous do you think you are?  Your not aware


Kevin Smith:  not really


Joe Rogan: Oh why your crazy.  Listen your famous as fuck dude


Kevin Smith:  No


Joe Rogan: Yes


Kevin Smith:  No oh my no


Joe Rogan: Listen dude I know its uncomfortable and you all want to be underground and shit



Kevin Smith:  Oh god no.  Famous dude is Ben Affleck. I have stood beside Ben Affleck and that’s fucking famous.  That’s crazy


Joe Rogan: Gee money that’s ridiculous super stardom.  Your not that.  But your famous as fuck..


Kevin Smith:  I don’t know..


Joe Rogan: there’s a difference your famous as fuck.  Everyone I know, knows who you are.  That’s ridiculous you cant be so..


Kevin Smith:  really that weird


Joe Rogan: silly.  I know you want to be humble.  But your being silly.  Your famous as fuck


Kevin Smith:  I don’t know most people like ah.. oh he looks familiar about the people I met.  But they know your name, then your famous as fuck, like how everybody knows that.  I think my name is easy to forget


Joe Rogan: your cute, that’s cute


Kevin Smith:  no c’mon dude,  its not a recognizable name


Joe Rogan: yeah, your out of your mind


Kevin Smith:  Smith is always easy to forget


Joe Rogan: so many dudes know who you are


Kevin Smith:  Dude so many people in this life go. Oh I love you in fucking King of Queens Kevin James.  You know what I am saying to me


Joe Rogan: That’s retards.  I any of those retards on my way.  Here you go doing un-avoidable


Kevin Smith:  (laughs) I don’t know


Joe Rogan: You cant factor them into the equation.  You just hit by a random asteroid.  That’s who that is.  When someone comes up to you and calls you Kevin James


Kevin Smith:  (laughs)


Joe Rogan: that’s a rare, rare meteorite


Kevin Smith:  it just happens too many occasions for me to feel comfortable with


Joe Rogan: What, you know, I’ve fucked up with people’s names too.  I’m always confusing one person with another person.  And go, oh yeah shit.  You know, but that’s not


Kevin Smith:  I’m literally still dying inside.  Cause thinking, oh my god what was my wardrobe person’s name Beth?  I almost said Beth Pastermacter her name.  That’s when, remember when your too stoned.  I wouldn’t call it too stoned.  But I maybe


Joe Rogan: Too stoned to know


Kevin Smith:  yeah you give.. If your gonna commit to a lifestyle.  You, you give up on short term a lot.  Where your just like.  I’m gonna need help.  Like I do that a lot.  Have you ever find. I don’t know if you ever did this on stage.  But I tell such a long fucking convoluted stories.  That invariably wants twice per night now.  I’ll be in the middle of something and just be like.  Like.. I don’t freeze like its scared anymore.  But I just literally go,  the fuck was I talking about. I’m so sorry


Joe Rogan: (laughs)


Kevin Smith:  and someone would be like.  Ah it was Jerr amused in the bath tub.  Oh yes thank you anyway.  And Boom! right back into it


Joe Rogan: But as long as they can help you out


Kevin Smith:  As long as they are there to help.  But if not dude, there are moments where your just like.  Oh my god, like I was on the tonight show early, sat down, taped the tonight show.  And I wasn’t nearly stoned enough for that, you know


Joe Rogan: (laughs)


Kevin Smith:  I wish I had been more stoned.  Cause I would have enjoyed it more.  The whole time I’m sitting there I was like.  I look fat on the show.  I know I look fat right now.  I know I look fat.  And in the midst of it.  I did have those moments, where I wasn’t stoned.  But I had a moment where was like.. what the hell was I talking about?  When you are on the Tonight Show and you have one of those moments..

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