Joe Rogan and Kevin Smith Podcast 134


Kevin Smith:  That’s the thing though.. I don’t know if that might be the danger, like Jay & Silent Bob weren’t written by a stoner in the least


Joe Rogan: That’s what I wanted to ask you about


Kevin Smith:  at that point.  Maybe they don’t work if they were written by a stoner


Joe Rogan: I interrupted you earlier when you were talking about weed.  We were talking about the, what’s the difference now


Kevin Smith:  yeah


Joe Rogan: 3 years later.  Like now, you’ve been smoking weed for how long now?


Kevin Smith:  Started 30, 38


Joe Rogan: 1938


Kevin Smith:  No its 38 that was I’m sorry.  1998 yeah


Joe Rogan: You started in 98.  That’s when you really started smoking weed?


Kevin Smith:  No I’m sorry 2008.  I’ve scratched too many years off


Joe Rogan: 2008 yeah I was baffled.  Cause I thought I heard that Seth Rogan got you into it


Kevin Smith:  I was doing the math in my head, wait a second.  I believe I’m old


Joe Rogan: How high are you, you left out ah


Kevin Smith:  not very at all


Joe Rogan: god damn decade


Kevin Smith:  I am bad at math but be I skipped a decade in my head all the time.


Joe Rogan: really


Kevin Smith:  all the time, god.  I forget that


Joe Rogan: you do that on checks?


Kevin Smith:  No just from the conversation.  Always I’m talking about, oh but that was like 97 Kevin and we had the whole decade and now were on a new decade.  Cause once you start making it in a bubble, your in entertainment.  There is no work calendar for you.  Either schedules, you know shooting schedules.  Bringing a damn calendar.  You don’t look at a calendar the way everybody else does


Joe Rogan: And the idea of 2000 is still hard to sink in.  And then 2011, what really? 2000 seems like were living in the future.  Remember that ACDC song. No, no Ace Frehley song (sings) don’t you know I’m a 2,000 Man


Kevin Smith:  Is that a comic?


Joe Rogan: Ace Frehley.  I think it was on a solo.  When he was with KISS and they all branched off from the solo


Kevin Smith:  right


Joe Rogan: But he was singing, some guy  in the future.  He was singing about a 2000 man.  Like guy is flying around in jets and cars


Kevin Smith:  I remember born in 70.  And so its very easy to do math, because you know.  Every 10 years, whatever the decade was.  You’ve kinda be that age or there is several number involved.  So I would always say like.  In the year 2000 i’ll be 30


Joe Rogan: (laughs)


Kevin Smith:  so I could do that very simple math.  It seem like a far away fucking concept.  And that was 11 years past the..


Joe Rogan: well yeah


Kevin Smith:  11 years past like the oldest that I thought I could ever imagine I could be


Joe Rogan: I tell people I am 44.  And I have to go.. Ew that’s not good


Kevin Smith:  it doesn’t matter anymore


Joe Rogan: how much, how much long is this gonna last? (laughs)


Kevin Smith:  yeah, when it does matter.  Do you ever feel pain of no?  You get..


Joe Rogan: Well No, I am still feeling in good shape.  And I take care of my body.  I work out, but I have to.  If I don’t take care of it.  It drops off quick now.  Its what I am noticing.  If I get injured and i cant work out for a couple of weeks now. Woah, when I come back its fuck I am starting from scratch man.  I come back I’m a pussy.  Like really just 2 weeks.  I lose half of my cardio.  Its crazy 2 weeks you get exhausted like really quickly.  You have to build your body back to some sort of artificial level of functionality.  In order to do like martial arts and things at my age.  And if you don’t, its not gonna work anymore.  Your shit started to break

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