Joe Rogan and Kevin Smith Podcast 134


Kevin Smith:  Right


Joe Rogan: It was all one piece of excellence.  And that is like a guide to live your life by.  And he had this statement.  I read when I was a kid, and it had always stuck with me.  Once you understand the way broadly, you can see it in all things.  The idea being, once you found out how to tap into anything.  Like finding out how to be a great movie director.  Find out how to be a great guy with draws animation.  A fucking singer.. what.. a chess player


Kevin Smith:  say it again.. say it again.  Once you find the..


Joe Rogan: Once you understand the way broadly, you can see it on all things.  This is a translation from Japanese source.  Probably not totally accurate.  But what, that’s what he meant.  Is that you find greatness.  You find greatness as a carpenter.  You find greatness as a samurai.  This is the same thing.  This tap into to the zone.  Where truly your just tuning into whatever the fuck your doing.  And then you let creativity sort of spread it out for you


Kevin Smith:  Comes better with age too isn’t it.  I find it the older you get its better.  Just like, comes out with ah..


Joe Rogan: With awareness I think


Kevin Smith:  Well not even just with age


Joe Rogan: I think the age is just experience


Kevin Smith:  And that’s what awareness


Joe Rogan: Yeah


Kevin Smith:  That’s what equates to awareness


Joe Rogan: Yeah I don’t think necessarily does with age.  This is a lot of people where they get older and they put that box, closer and closer to their head.  You know, they want less and less of the world


Kevin Smith:  Right


Joe Rogan: Its ah.. its all your seeking as well.  Your not trapped in some sort of a box anyway.  So when you get older.  Of course, your gonna get tuned into things.  Your constantly still asking the questions.  Your not trapped in a slave box


Kevin Smith:  It used be a destination guy.  I’ve talked to about with Mother Jones, Modcast, quite a bit back in the day.  I was destination, he was very journey oriented.  For him it was all about like, hey man everything is  a journey.  And you know, the journey is the fucking fun blah blah blah.  And I was like, No its destination get there.  I just wanna get to the whatever I was  supposed to be. In the last few years, I’ve flipped and now I am kinda like.  The journey is more important to me


Joe Rogan: You know why that is?


Kevin Smith:  Why?


Joe Rogan: Cause your rich as fuck (laughs)


Kevin Smith:  No.  It gets weird


Joe Rogan: Its that too.  But also your successful


Kevin Smith:  You think so


Joe Rogan: You don’t have to worry about it anymore.  Yeah your fucking Kevin Smith.  You get 2 million amount of friends or followers on Twitter.  You can talk to them whenever you want to.  They wanna see your movies.  Your in this weird zone, where you don’t have to give a fuck anymore..  beautiful at best


Kevin Smith:  Yeah, you know what it is.  And I love the expression.  And I have co-opted it. But they said he doesn’t.  Kevin doesn’t have to work for anyone anymore. Cause he works for the audience.  And I was like, oh god that’s perfect


Joe Rogan: Its true


Kevin Smith:  that’s it, if you can get to that place.  Where its not about fuck everyone


Joe Rogan: No, no, no


Kevin Smith:  You don’t rely on anybody, for anything..


Joe Rogan: right


Kevin Smith:  Its all coming from within you.  You care for something like that.  Not like there is no help, of course you get help within your world.  But you know how comforting it is to know that, I don’t have to do press, I don’t have to do an interview


Joe Rogan: right

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