Joe Rogan and Kevin Smith Podcast 134


Joe Rogan: Right


Kevin Smith:  The best.. that would have been cool enough dude.  But he produced it, and we all watched it together.  I sat off the chair up to the side.  And him and Parks sat in the couch.  And it was, I would have rolled a tear if it wouldn’t have embarrassed them both.  Or made him be.. get out




Kevin Smith:  But they there were.  Like the man who’s worked with this kid film maker.  Loved so much, think about the shit you made mixed tape of when you were a kid


Joe Rogan: yeah, yeah


Kevin Smith:  He made this guys performance.  And there he is watching the same tape.  With the guy on the tape.  The.. you know.. the actor he loves.  Oh that was touching


Joe Rogan: You know that inspiring.  But its also inspiring cause guys like Tarantino are out there.  Really enthusiast, you know, dudes get really fucking super excited about some shit


Kevin Smith:  That’s like you with fucking anime, or whatever fuck in.  The shit that you are fuck into are super into.  You get geeky about


Joe Rogan: yeah, yeah


Kevin Smith:  He gets geeky about fucking movies


Joe Rogan: yeah, yeah


Kevin Smith:  And that passion will translate to an audience


Joe Rogan: For everything, for whatever it is that you are doing


Kevin Smith:  I never wanted to see a fucking single, you say what, UFC


Joe Rogan: yeah


Kevin Smith:  UFC fight.  But when you talked about it on the show.  I was just like, when you came on our show.  I was like, you know I would go and see this now.  Like when you talk about it with a passion enthusiasm, you do a translate to somebody who was never sold before.  And I wasn’t even on the fence really.  But when I watch you talk about it, this motherfucker’s smart.  Like he’s one of the smartest dudes I ever met.  And he’s very into this


Joe Rogan: And everyone that is running the organization is intelligent.  Its a.. its a totally different thing that what people would expect..


Kevin Smith:  right


Joe Rogan: You hear the term cage fighting.  You think well there’s gona be a bunch ah.. you know barbaric asshole, and you know.. mean people beating up other mean people.  That’s not what it is at all, I mean.  What it is, is people that are trying to attempt to do the most difficult thing in all of sport.  Put you body and your health at risk.  To go after another person’s body and shut it down and take it out.  Its the craziest game of all time.  But its the oldest game of all time.  Male dominance over men.  And look, we have a society where obviously that’s illegal.  You cant, you cant beat people up.  We want everything to be civilized.  But in this amidst of evolution that we find ourselves.  This stage along the way.  From changing from a wild animal.  To a conscious being.  We still got a lot of chimpanzee dna that needs to be satisfied.  And there is one or two ways to do it.  Either you can suppress it.  You can pretend that it doesn’t exist.  Or you can give it something like porn or violence on television and movies, and in.. in sports.  You can give it something to live vicariously thru


Kevin Smith:  Is that why I like porn?


Joe Rogan: Yes.  Cause if you don’t have this other ways to live vicariously thru.  There is only one other way around it.  You have to go find whatever it is you are looking for.  Whether it is finding violence or finding sex.  But if you can get violence and sex in the television form.  You can eliminate it from real life.  The Japanese have believed this forever.  The Japanese believed that, you know.. much more likely to commit a heinous sexual crime.  If its difficult to get laid, you know.  They are so freaky over there, you can buy used womens panties in dispensers

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