Joe Rogan and Kevin Smith Podcast 134


Joe Rogan: Wow


Kevin Smith:  He’s a dude man.  He don’t fuck around.  This is a dude who’s a straight shooter.  70 years old.  He’s not pulling punches.  He’s gonna tell you exactly how he fucking feels.  And he..


Joe Rogan: Would ìt be a little intimidating that when you have that kind of conversation with him.  You wanted him to do that right


Kevin Smith:  Yeah.. all of this is because of him.  And he’ll like give you.  You know, I’m a grown up I can take good ideas.  Leave stuff behind.  He gave me the wonderful idea you’ve seen on the movie.  Like it ends with somebody going shut the fuck up.  From off camera.  Well that spoils the spoilers.  Uhm that came from Parks.  It wasn’t on the script.  It was just you know, its just kinda ended with that.  And Parks he goes, how about instead you go off main.. I try to be vague so there’s no spoiler.  But I hope you remember what I’m talking about


Joe Rogan: I do totally


Kevin Smith:  Go off with me.  A singing and you go down to another cell.  There you are, you know.  And you say


Joe Rogan: Your giving away too much of your movie now


Kevin Smith:  A little bit, but like I said spoilers.  But its ah..


Joe Rogan: Tune out folks


Kevin Smith:  Yeah.  But anyway, he goes you say blah, blah, blah and you know what.  I was just like, uhm.. I said Parks I would love to.  But I think it would be weird in this movie.  But I like the idea of that line.  I said but cutting in me in the movie.  I’ve not in the movie and I think people would take out of the movie.  And he goes, why?  I was going, cause people would recognize me.  And from what?  And I realize, oh my god this guy, like.. not.. he has no clue that I have had this whole other career.  As far as he knows, its like Red State, Red State only.  He knows I made a movie.  He didn’t know I was into anything.  That was so sweet.  It was going in pure, you know what I am saying.  Like this dude went in all about the craft.  And he drops science on that performance.  And he would sit there from time to time.  Like it would be like, can I have one more take.  And i’ll be like, Parks you can have as many takes as you want.  We’re literally all here.  Because of you, Cause I saw that performance of yours From Dusk Till Dawn.  So it was kinda like the whole movie was kind of a Parks celebration..


Joe Rogan: Right


Kevin Smith:  People didn’t know him.  Fell in love with him.  As we made the movie.  Because the dude just..  everyday you were awed by something he did.  I was sitting there going, oh my god.  Do you remember, he started singing on the movie.  At one point, I, we had a whole chapel.  You know, everyone in the chapel singing.  And I said for some other part of the movie.  Hey man, ah while this thing is going on over here on camera.  I wanna push in on you.  You wanna sing one of those gospel hymnals.  Cause he picked the other one Old Rugged Cross.  I said you got another one you wanna go with. Yeah man, I can sing Farther Along you want that.  I said sure totally.  And we’re pushing in on him.  He sings Farther Along come it as it is on the movie.  He’s got this beautiful soulful voice like the man has made records.  So uhm.. Oh it sweeps me of my feet as a church song.  But I still ran on it.  Next day I come into work.  Everyone on set periodically and were going ‘farther along’ And they are all singing it


Joe Rogan:(laughs)


Kevin Smith:  Like, its good.  I said right, its catchy.  Yeah for a jesus song, its pretty catchy I think.  So he brought that up to the elements of singing

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