Joe Rogan and Kevin Smith Podcast 134


Joe Rogan: Oh right, right, right


Kevin Smith:  Cause that performance.  If you ever go watch Malcom X footage.  You know on youtube, which you can now, there are tons of it readily free


Joe Rogan: Right


Kevin Smith:  Fascinating.  You look at that and you realize like.. that dude, you talk about a Denzel Washington up at 6 training like a boxer


Joe Rogan: Yeah


Kevin Smith:  He didn’t even have youtube to pull clips from.  He became Malcom X.  The mannerism, the way he holds his hand. Ah.. as he speaks.  Its crazy, he should have gotten.  I think he got nominated.  He should have won that year.  He didn’t.  Then they gave it to him years later for the.. You got nothing on me


Joe Rogan: That’s the..


Kevin Smith:  Training Day


Joe Rogan: Training Day.  Yeah.  He was really good in it


Kevin Smith:  That’s the thing.  He’s like.. I remember when they first gave him the award.  I haven’t seen the movie.  Oh they’re making up for fucking overlooking Malcom X.  But then you see his performance in that movie.  And what could be a simple programmer.  Or a simple like a good guy bad guy.  He taked that role to the next level


Joe Rogan: Yeah


Kevin Smith:  So it may have been overdue payback for a fantastic performance he didn’t get enough credit for.  But I agree he earned that then..  Training Day


Joe Rogan: I agree a 100%


Kevin Smith:  For what this performance was from


Joe Rogan: Yeah.. yeah.. he legitimately seem like a corrupt cop


Kevin Smith:  Yeah


Joe Rogan: He becomes it.. He’s one of those guys.. those Rusell Crowe guys


Kevin Smith:  He’s sociopathic..


Joe Rogan: Yeah


Kevin Smith:  You believed him as sociopathic.  Its like him giving him like, he’s smoking away


Joe Rogan: Yeah


Kevin Smith:  And like he enjoyed it..


Joe Rogan: yeah


Kevin Smith:  Like its delicious or shit like that


Joe Rogan: It seemed real.. very real.  When he was enjoying it.  Yeah to put your mind into the place.  To allow yourself to go there.  You gotta go to real close to crazy.  You gotta go right next door neighbours to crazy.  You gotta see crazy every morning, when you get into your car.  Morning crazy (laughs)


Kevin Smith:  What’s the craziest you’ve seen.  Who you’d work with that you like.  I’ve seen someone gone to that place.  At Red State Michael Parks.  Where is Michael Parks its the most who went to a weird place.  It was incredible places.  Where one goes shit, this is other worldly stuff.  Like true fucking actors, man.  True across


Joe Rogan: Michael Parks is the actor


Kevin Smith:  Yeah, yeah, yeah


Joe Rogan: Listen folks, if you see 1 movie this year.  See Red State


Kevin Smith:  Ok go shit go!


Joe Rogan: Kevin invited me to this movie.   Listen I had known nothing.  I knew nothing what this film was about.  I had no idea.  I showed up with Aubrey and we had not a fucking clue in the world.  As to what this movie was about.  I assume that it was  a comedy.  I heard someone whisper online.  I heard it was a horror film, question mark.  All I saw.  So I go in with an awesome blank slate.  And halfway into the movie.. I mean what the fuck is going on?  I’m like it maybe 35, 45 minutes in.  I was, this is the craziest fucking.  This is Kevin Smith’s movie.  Its you don’t even.. its like you have to throw out everything you think of as a Kevin Smith movie.  Kevin Smith movies are always fun comedies, you know.  This movie just gets so fucking crazy so quick.  And just keeps and goes.  I really, I appreciate so much about that movie.  But what I really, uh.. the one thing that’s staggering right out of the bat, was the guy who played the preacher.  Michael Parks.

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