Joe Rogan and Kevin Smith Podcast 134


Joe Rogan: They get in with a needle and sew you up.  And then how long does it take for it to heals?


Kevin Smith:  That’s what I think.  And then it takes for a while to fucking heal.  So their whole thing was, just keep rubbing this topical.  Make sure it would heal itself.  Try not to fucking rough around them.  Like I don’t even want to go near..




Joe Rogan: From your butt hole?


Kevin Smith:  Yeah


Joe Rogan: The doctor used those terms?


Kevin Smith:  I said Doc..


Bryan:  Don’t rough around with it Son!


Kevin Smith:  I.. I.. like Joe Rogan I like to massage my ass.  What would these mean?  And he said.. its like very common.  He goes, if your in a room 45% in the room is dealing with anal fissure.  He goes nobody talks about it.  I said why?  Because it has everything to do with your asshole.  He’s going people say the exact same thing.  People don’t talk about this kind of in public.  Its has been much easier, you wouldn’t have people waiting as long as they do to come in.  Its common practise cause you know how yours happen?  And I was like I don’t know.  I thought it was gonna be like a lot of fucking bathroom activity man.  A lot of fucking blow.. blowy hole or some shit.  I said no.. no.. I don’t know how it happened.  And he said, you sat a lot in the toilet I bet.  I said I do as a matter of fuck.  He was going.. your weight sitting down that toilet.  And I bet you just don’t go and leave.  You sit there for a while.  I said yeah.  Its going, just think about it.  Gravity is just pulling at that, you know.  As you sit there.  Its not like your sitting on the toilet and your but cheeks are clenched and your asshole is fucking tight


Joe Rogan: That’s how I said it


Bryan:  Is that how do it when you fight? (laughs)


Kevin Smith:  Nothing Is Getting Here! Excellent Posture!


Joe Rogan: (ACTIVITY)


Bryan:  Count you shit when it get out thru your balls


Kevin Smith:  Eeehh!  My Shit Comes Out When I Tell It To!


Joe Rogan: (ACTIVITY)


Kevin Smith:  Look out for it dude.  You never ever want to


Joe Rogan: Oh my god it sounds so horrible.  So..


Kevin Smith:  I remember..


Joe Rogan: 6 weeks


Kevin Smith:  6 weeks 50%


Joe Rogan: How.. when does it take until it was 100%


Kevin Smith:  Oh.. honestly it felt like months.  I think it was months.  Like for months all I can do literally was like.. lay on the bed bellied down.  And if I took it.. oddly enough if I took a shit.  It felt better.  But it only felt better for the moment I was taking the shit.  Because then I guess.. I don’t know.. I don’t know  I cant even tell the science of it.  But  when I take a shit I felt better soon as I was done taking a shit.  That’s when the agony kicked in of reminding me of what was there.  And he would just literally just flinched and squirm on the bed.  Like fucking withdrawing or something like that.  It was nasty


Joe Rogan: The last thing you want..


Kevin Smith:  Get off those toilets


Bryan:  Yeah


Kevin Smith:  Its the fulcrum of your body


Bryan:  I had the internal hemoroid for that reason.  And they had to did the rubber band technique.  Where they tie a rubber band around you.. inside your asshole..


Joe Rogan: inside?


Bryan:  And they tie it super tight.. so it gets no blood supply..  It falls off.. I’m like is this gonna hurt?  No its more of an annoying pain?  I’m like alright.  I go home and it was like somebody shoving their like.. fingernail into your asshole, from the inside.  And its in their twisting it, turning it, like a fucking nightmare

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