Joe Rogan and Kevin Smith Podcast 134

Kevin Smith:  Shuffle loosely


Joe Rogan: Those crazy chimps


Kevin Smith:  Yes


Joe Rogan: The just fuck.  They settle arguments by fucking, yeah


Kevin Smith:  And they blow one another


Joe Rogan: The only thing they wont do is.  The mom wont fuck the son


Kevin Smith:  Whoa.. thank heavens for a small favor


Joe Rogan: I mean they have their rules


Kevin Smith:  I mean, I’m ok with that.  You seem a little disappointed for sure (laughs). The only thing they wont do.  That I really wish they would


Joe Rogan: Don’t tell me your crazy if your not real crazy bro.  That you got rules.  That you wont fuck you mom.  Why?  C’mon get in there fuck that bitch.  Everybody’s fucking everybody.  They are fucking each other


Kevin Smith:  I draw a line


Joe Rogan: Fathers fuck their daughters though


Kevin Smith:  I draw a line of grace.  That’s my mother


Joe Rogan: Yeah, good move


Kevin Smith:  Right then, you know what I’m saying


Joe Rogan: Its always good to have a line man.  It makes you feel like a cowboy. Makes you feel that you got a fucking concrete moral..


Kevin Smith:  Where there is some look..


Joe Rogan: Where there some moral ground


Kevin Smith:  There is a me, inside of me.  That stands for something right


Joe Rogan: Yeah (laughs)


Kevin Smith:  That stands for not fucking my mom.  I came out of that pussy once.  I’m never going back again.


Joe Rogan: You just fucking made it.  Does stop the knuckles


Kevin Smith:  I have been ah.. looking forward for this all day.  I had a very busy wonderful day Man.. I’m sure with you


Kevin Smith:  Sure.. fuck yeah


Kevin Smith:  We got time to kill


Joe Rogan: Yeah.. yeah.. yeah


Kevin Smith:  Uhm..  today Red State came out on VOD


Joe Rogan: Yeah (claps)


Kevin Smith:  Anyone can it ah home.  Go watch it now


Joe Rogan: Video on Demand for you


Kevin Smith:  Listen to us for a while.  When were done. Go watch it


Joe Rogan: Yeah that’s right.  Thank you for the translation


Kevin Smith:  Video on Demand.  You can watch it on TV, cable, satellite.  You can watch it on a computer.  You can watch it anywhere.  Number one is that is great.  And all the feedback has been wonderful.  It like reading Twitter.  Its like reading millions of reviews.  A 140 characters.  Very easily.. easily digestible. And I’ll be honest the lion share from like, ‘This Rocks!’  So very cool day for me.  On top of that AMC. The channel of Mad Men network.  Mad Men and Breaking Bad and ah.. The Walking Dead


They announced this. One of the pilots that we made for them.  The Secret stash.  They’re picking up.  They’re putting it on the air. So nice.  Its pretty damn sweet for us


Joe Rogan: What is this?


Bryan:  It is a show that is kinda like a reality.  It’s a reality show set in a comic book store.  Like think of Pawn Stars but at a comic book store instead.  And its came out.. grew out of a podcast.  An that’s why I keep telling people that I meet.  Kids talk, keep talking, something will come of it


My friend do this podcast back East called Tell ‘Em Steve Dave.  My friend Walter and Brian.  They taped it, record it on a comic book store.  And its like every podcast.  They sit there spill out their head contents right off


Joe Rogan: And if people wanna hear it.  How do they get it?  Is it on iTunes


Kevin Smith:  They can get it or from iTunes.  Uhm.. its part of that SModcast network.  They were actually the 2nd show.  They built the network.  Cause it was just me and Steve doing SModcast


Joe Rogan: What do they call them?


Kevin Smith:  Tell ‘Em Steve Dave is the show

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