Joe Rogan and Kevin Smith Podcast 134


Joe Rogan: Do it, release it, my way. Fuck the entire system of it.  A guy like you really wouldn’t exist any other way..


Kevin Smith:  No..


Joe Rogan: You know..


Kevin Smith:  Its kinda.. you gotta go..


Joe Rogan: Your the ultimate leveller.. your doing it your way


Kevin Smith:  Play it with passion. Do it.. Here’s my philosophy.  Its everybody’s philosophy. Its not even an original one.  (cough)  One life your fucking die..


Joe Rogan: Yeah


Kevin Smith:  That’s it.. You don’t know what’s on the other side.  We hope (cough) for this that.. We hope for candy land..


Joe Rogan: Uhum


Kevin Smith:  But we don’t know.  It could be as simple as getting in a box.  Stay there for fucking eternity.  You had your shot.  Your computer, we shut you down and your finished.  So if that’s the case, it.. it.. behoves you to shot for your dreams every time.  I know it sounds so dopy and Tony Robbins and its..


Joe Rogan: But its real


Kevin Smith:  Its real.  In a world where you gonna fuckin die. Like this is what I think about it.  At a.. a.. an example that’s, a real close to home. My old man was a good dude.  My father, good guy.  Not many good men in the world.  This was a good fucking guy.  Did work at a post office.  Ah cancelling your fuckin stamp.  What a soul killing horrible job that is.  For years just to pay for a fucking family.  Who knew if he had dreams?  Maybe his only dream was to like.  Oh get married and have kids. Work wasn’t maybe a big deal to him.  He did what he had to put food on the table.  And stuff like that.  Good dude, taking the matinees.  Every Wednesday go see a movie.  Taken us for a full half day.  Go see flicks and what not.  Ah.. never.. no.. not what one àt least. Parents who fucks around with a kid or like dad.  Oh he’s all good except there is that good straight arrow fucking dude. Didn’t went to church cause his wife made him.  But wasn’t big into the church.  Fucking mowed his mother-in-law’s lawn all the time.  Good guy.  Raised pretty good kids.  Or at least 2 good kids.  And so, my father would go out to eat one night.  He’s about 68 years old.  We go out to eat at Worton’s in Philadelphia.  Ah.. and its one of those special nights where whole family winds up in the same place.  Hadn’t been that way in years.  My mom, my dad, me and my wife’s with me.  My sister and her husband.  And she lives out. On this point I think she was living In Kobe, Japan or something like that.  So she rarely back in the states.  And my brother, he’s married to a dude.  But his husband wasn’t with us.  He didn’t make the trip that time unfortunately.  Here we are at the back room at Worton’s.  You know, eating having a great time.  Chit-chatting. (coughs)  And the old man is putting away a steak.  Cheesecake.  A couple of manhattans.  That was his fucking poison.  And you could tell. And I don’t even like paint this in retrospect.  But it was clear on the night.  Parents love seeing their kids all in one place.  Happy, healthy, not fucked up in the heads or something like that.  And you can tell he’s enjoying it.  Their worst kids shooting the shit.  Everyone is making each other laugh and shit.  Trying to make him laugh.  He.. everyone sits.  Everyone’s paying attention to everyone else.  Maybe no one is paying attention to me.  Maybe too much cheesecake that night.  Fuck it we’re all having a good time.  Put him on a cab that night.  Cause mama had ah.. hey now see you all in the morning.  He’d come out to Philadelphia to do an Q&A at the ah.. Wizard Comic-Con.  Philadelphia was at comic-con.  Off he goes in a cab.  Go home.. ah.. go to a hotel. Go to sleep.  Got a phone call 6 in the morning from my brother.  And my brother was like uhm..  You gotta get down to the hospital on Walnut.  And I say why?  Cause Dad..  And uhm my father was in and out of poor health.  He was diabetic and what not.  He had like ah.. strokes, heart attack and what not..

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