Joe Rogan and Kevin Smith Podcast 134


Kevin Smith:  You stepped out there and…  Hey man I wanted do this.  Just cause you got intent.  A.. doesn’t mean you got talent.  You know what I’m saying.  Sometimes heart will take you pretty damn far


Joe Rogan: Well its really sort of a lack objectivity.  That’s what really hold most comics back. Its just.. its.. but its possible.  I’ve seen guys that weren’t funny at all.  Suddenly became funny.  You never know.  You know, its a craft that can be figured out.  If you really have truly love for it.  Like anything else.


Kevin Smith:  Right


Joe Rogan: You know.. You can never say someone doesn’t have talent.  Cause I think a lot of what talent is.  Seeing things for what they really are.  And some people put up out this weird fucking blinders in their life.  And they don’t realize that its eliminating ways of thinking.. where they’re never wrong.. and they’re always right.  And everyone’s out to get them. And that everyone is a douche.  And they’re doing the right thing always.  Really, a non objective thinking like that.  You close up doors of perception.. like you know


Kevin Smith:  Of course..  I would think. But I also think its all subjective, right.  Its like you sit there going on like..  Some guy, you and I watch it.. or listen.  We listen.. we both are listening to a Lynrd Skynyrd song.  And you like.. Oh my god I’m pumped.  And I’ll be sitting there going.. I rather fuckin eat my..


Joe Rogan: Eat my ass


Kevin Smith:  Yeah..  Oh my god this is painful.  Can we put on Hall and Oates please




Joe Rogan: Are you a Dead Head?


Kevin Smith:  Nah.. I never heard of it


Joe Rogan: Cause that’s the.. that’s the line.  The line is the Dead Head


Kevin Smith:  What do you mean? Explain me


Joe Rogan: Well I don’t understand it at all.  I have friends that love it.  And I appreciate you loving it.  I’m just being honest.  I don’t hate the Grateful Dead.  There is a few songs that I like.  Truckin’ was a great song.  The Shades of Grey.  Those are good songs


Kevin Smith:  Oh like.. Oh like.. yeah.. (sings) I will get by (/sings)


Joe Rogan: Yeah that’s a good song


Kevin Smith:  Well you cant say that to a dead head.  Cause they like..  THAT’S THE HIT!  You idiot!


Joe Rogan: Oh (sighs)


Bryan:  Friend of the Devils


Joe Rogan: Like yeah.. Friend of the Devils.  That’s a good song.  That’s a good song.  But there’s some of those lines.  Long Jams sessions.  That is.. that’s.. that’s like Chinese water torture to me.  But that’s just me, man.


Bryan:  Your supposed to be on drugs during that time


Joe Rogan: I know.. I know.  But to some people.  Here’s my point.  I would never deny you it.  But to some people they fucking love the Dead.. Man!  They love them.  I just don’t get that frequency


Kevin Smith:  Yeah look.  I live with the fact that there’s some people that.. love what I do.  And there’s people that..  I’m fucking baffled.  Why is the motherfucker still here?


Joe Rogan: (laughs)


Kevin Smith:  So I get it.  I get like ah.. I get that love it o leave it.  Love it or hate it, really.  I mean, I’ll take love it o leave it.  Cause i’ll be easy


Joe Rogan: Your the perfect example of what, you just used those great example.  What’s special about those thing.  Is that a guy like you.  Like you saying..  that ah.. you know ah..  That your a love it or leave it guy.  But if you weren’t you.. you.. if you weren’t.  A guy who has this podcast sponsored by the Fleshlight.  A guy who puts out a podcast on the internet.  Way before anybody.  A guy who is recent movie.  He just kinda fuck everybody.  I’m just gonna do this on my own.


Kevin Smith:  Right

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