Joe Rogan and Kevin Smith Podcast 134


Joe Rogan: Yeah


Kevin Smith:  But that didn’t exist back when.. Literally I have to remind people that sometimes.  Because it was only a short time ago, that it was all completely different.


Joe Rogan: Yeah


Kevin Smith:  Think about how much its changed.  Think about how much internet changed – Entertainment. What we do alone.  Uhm.. you know.  It must have been great things for other people’s line of work as well


Joe Rogan: Oh for sure.  Its the most incredible thing that could ever happen to humanity.  Its around us.


Kevin Smith:  Also microwave.  Microwave is pretty amazing.  Cook shit fast


Joe Rogan: Nah.. not even close


Kevin Smith:  What about the cd player.. listen to good music


Joe Rogan: Listening to music is dope.  The ability to listen to music is almost more powerful culturally than anything.  The ability to put on a record.  You know, the fact that you can hear it, over and over again.  I go saying before this podcast start.  I’ve been on this crazy Lynyrd Skynyrd kick for the last couple of months.  Only briefly interrupted by Queens the Stone Age.#  They got in their for a little bit.  A little rotation.  But now everyday its like Lynyrd Skynyrd.  I go by 4 minutes into Free Bird and play that final guitar riff, over and over and over again


Kevin Smith:  Why?


Joe Rogan: I don’t know


Kevin Smith:  I know why


Joe Rogan: Tell me


Kevin Smith:  Music feels you on


Joe Rogan: Is that what it is?


Kevin Smith:  Music is a time machine.  I think that’s why we interact with music the way that we do


Joe Rogan: I wasn’t into that music when I was young


Kevin Smith:  Ahh.. it don’t matter. I wasn’t into.. I tell you uhm.. Hall and Oates in the 80’s


Joe Rogan: Yeah


Kevin Smith:  I was around for it.  Those fucking dudes.. Man




Kevin Smith:  I wasn’t into it.  But now, like you walk into my house.  You’ll hear Hall and Oates.  When I’m on the road.  When I got..  When I was on that Red State tour.  Anytime I was..


Joe Rogan: (sings) He’s a Man-Eater


Kevin Smith:  Yes man (sings)leave me alone.. I’m a Family Man


Joe Rogan: Oh shit like that.. that’s a good one


Kevin Smith:  Sarah Smiles.  The Kiss is on my List.  The one that I jam.. that I played before I went on stage was.  Everything your heart desires.  Not even classic Hall and Oates.  You know what I’m saying..  like later Hall and Oates.  And I.. I was sitting on there.  Why?  I was never a fan of this.  This isn’t like my..  Chris Rock has that bit about the music you love.  Is the music that you got fucked to first.  That’s what you listen to for the rest of your life.


Joe Rogan: (laughs) That’s a great bit


Kevin Smith:  But I am like..  why I just didn’t get fucked to this music.  And figured it was just cause it takes you me back to.  It reminds me of the roller rink.  It takes me back to being.. 10, 11 years old.  So its not direct.  Its more tangential.  Its like that Tony Soprano show.  Oh the ducks mean this and this.  And when you smell the ham and pass out.  That means.. this and this.  There is something you correlate directly.  Something’s you kinda correlate tangential.  And I think that’s what it is.  Its music for us its just like.  If your going there is no good reason.  That you go on a Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Except that it does something to you inside that is taking you someplace else.  And I think it takes right back to our youth.  It calms us. It makes us think like.  Oh yeah there’s time cause the older one gets.  The last one feels like.  There’s more time to get shit done. There’s.. oh I got a plenty of time to do it.  And I think people our age.  Tend to gravitate back toward that music.  Cause it makes you feel like.. Oh there’s still time.. There’s still tome.  Cause you got one or more speeches, right. That kinda goes on death

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