Joe Rogan and Kevin Smith Podcast 134




Joe Rogan: The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is brought to you by the Fleshlight.  If you go to click on the click for the Fleshlight and enter in the codename Rogan.  You get 15% off the number 1 sex toy for men.


(ACTIVITY) sound effects


Joe Rogan: So there you have it bitches.  Kevin Smith is in the house.  This is not that other version of it is it?


(ACTIVITY) synth music playing


Bryan: You heard this?


Joe Rogan: I don’t like it


Bryan:  You don’t like it


Joe Rogan: No


(ACTIVITY) synth music plays faster up-tempo


Bryan: I think its pretty sweet


Kevin Smith: Is this your game song?


Joe Rogan: No. This is a.. the gay electronic version of our theme song


Bryan: Its a NES version


Kevin Smith: Yeah it ah NES


Joe Rogan: 8 bit episode


Bryan: Yeah


Kevin Smith:  I wanna eat a mushroom get bigger


Joe Rogan: I’m not.. I’m not..


Kevin Smith:  I wanna step on a dragon


Joe Rogan: Not quite geeky enough to appreciate that. To me it just sounds like shit


Kevin Smith:  That thing made my dick hard


Bryan: (laughs)


Joe Rogan: Kevin Smith is in the house ladies and gentelmen.  Emerging of the podcast.  Two huge influences.  One you influenced me to.. to have the Fleshlight sponsor the podcast


Kevin Smith:  Hey, No. What are talking about?  Fuckin’ A.  I was gonna jump in like.. I can vouch for it


Joe Rogan: (laughs)


Kevin Smith: I fucked many of those things


Joe Rogan: It also made the Fleshlight legit.  Like if I tried to do that before you were using them as a podcast sponsor.  I’ll be.. What are doing? Connecting yourself with such, like vile sex toy


Kevin Smith:  Somebody had to go first


Joe Rogan: But my Kevin Smith has his whole podcast sponsored by it.  It has logos he puts up. This big Fleshlight banners and shit


Kevin Smith:  I, my feeling was this. Like women have had ah.. you know, something to cum with for years. Other than me. Other than you. Something else.  And its socially acceptable.  They made fucking jokes about it on sitcoms and shit. Where its just like. You can go now. My friend is here.  So in a world that become socially acceptable.  I felt like.. Why not?  Why not? Vise-versa.. Why can’t I have something to fuck?


Joe Rogan: Its funny that why we feel bad about feeling good.  We feel bad about wanting something to feel good.


Kevin Smith:  I’m ashamed to feel good


Kevin Smith: Yeah. Its amazing


Joe Rogan:  I think that the idea is you bill them ashamed.  Because otherwise people wouldn’t get anything done.  The things that feel good, you wanna pursue and pursue often. You’ll like those, that who liked us. And will’d like the things that make us feel great.  So without somebody being like… oh you can’t do it too much or else you’d ruin it. Or blah blah blah.  We would just keep going.  No work what-so-ever. We don’t get anything done


Kevin Smith: Animals don’t have jobs.. Why?


Joe Rogan:  People..


Kevin Smith: they like fucking


Joe Rogan:  Yeah, people get bored


Kevin Smith: (laughs) Not me


Joe Rogan:  So you think, like the regulation of the fucking is what keeps everybody working? Is that argument


Kevin Smith:  Nah.. I think not fully. But its one of them.


Joe Rogan: (laughs)It doesn’t makes sense though..  Doesn’t it?


Kevin Smith: That I think so.. a little bit


Joe Rogan: Its almost like we need to be checked.  Somebody has to always says to be something.  Otherwise we could just get to go fuck all day


Kevin Smith:  Its just getting off right


Joe Rogan:  Like Banobos.


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