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The Joe Rogan Experience #136



Podcast #136 – Daniel Pinchbeck


Joe Rogan: The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast is brought  to you by the Fleshlight.  You go joerogan.net click on the link and enter in codename: Rogan.  You get 15% off the no.1 sex toy for men.   Daniel Pinchbeck is the house ladies and gentlemen.. strap in..  get ready to go crazy


(ACTIVITY)intro music plays


Joe Rogan: taking ah..  taken a long ride.  Down some of my favorite schools of thought with this guy here.  Daniel Pinchbeck  is an author if you never heard of him.  He’s got Breaking Open A Head.  And another one called ah 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl.  Is that how, did I say it right?


Daniel Pinchbeck:  good enough


Joe Rogan: good enough, close enough, Quetzalcoatl. And uhm.. just an all around fascinating dude.  Thanks for the coming by man.  Sorry you got stuck in traffic but its almost appropriate.  Because your sort of a little bit of a doom and gloom, end of civilization sort of a dude.  And there is a giant power outage in LA that fucked traffic upside down


Daniel Pinchbeck:  Well yeah now that I know that I feel better about the situation


Joe Rogan: yeah.. do you though? (laughs)  Oh finally some apocalyptic shit happening.  And while I’m here, perfect


Daniel Pinchbeck:  (laughs)in New York we just had a hurricane and earthquake in 1 week


Joe Rogan: yeah I moved here when the earthquake happened.  I moved here only like a month after the earthquake in ’94 happened.  And it was this feeling of humility in LA that I liked.  When I first got here, people are seemed like kinda shooked up, but they seem very friendly.  You know, sort of almost like, you know.  Any sort of a natural disaster does to any big group of people.  You know, they ah.. what are you doing there buddy?


Daniel Pinchbeck:  I’m looking at your alpha brain


Joe Rogan: you want some?


Daniel Pinchbeck:  what is it?


Joe Rogan: Its a neothrophics, its vitamins for cognitive functions


Daniel Pinchbeck:  sure why not you go fucking brighter


Bryan Redban: hopefully 5 million people are going out of power right now,  I think was in the last..


Joe Rogan: in Los Angeles?


Bryan Redban:  in Los Angeles.  Which is kinda crazy


Joe Rogan: yeah it is crazy


Bryan Redban:  yeah that’s a lot of fucking people


Joe Rogan: We sell those.  I’ll get you a bottle of those thing man.  We just started ah putting those out on the onnit.com.  O N N I T dot com.  And what it is ah..  there is a lot of different things that people take to improve mental function.  We just put the highest ingredients together and started ah.. started selling it


Daniel Pinchbeck:  great


Joe Rogan: its fascinating stuff man.  You know the science of it is a little sketchy.  A lot of people call bullshit.  But I think it works, works with me man.  Even if its just a placebo effect.  I’ll take all the lies that you tell me.  If I believe them


Bryan Redban:  It seems interesting to me to


Joe Rogan: Well the dreams are no question.  Do you, do you.. take ’em and have this fucking.  This crazy vivid rememberable dreams.  Its very unusual and supposedly its because of Collind.  Its that how you say it?  Its that the nutrient?


Bryan Redban:  I ahh yeah


Joe Rogan: I believed its called Collind.  But apparently its knows to stimulate dreams.  It gives you fucking weird creepy memorable dreams.  I got a weird dream about it.  Werewolf and a gorilla having sex


Daniel Pinchbeck:  (laughs)


Joe Rogan: And I was trying to be quiet and get out of the room.  Before they realize I was there


Daniel Pinchbeck:  done


Bryan Redban:  I was.. last night I was laying in bed and I was looking up your books on Amazon.  And ah.. the one cover he has is so trippy.  I actually spent a good time to scroll up and down on my browser.  Just looking at the..

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