Immortal Technique OWS America about placating people


Why do we get to the point where the power is in the hands of so few?


Where the wealth gap is so incredibly large here in this country


Immortal Technique:   Funny story it exemplifies why it got this far.


My father had a colleague of his, a friend of his.  That came to America before the collapse of the Soviet Union.


And he walked around the Supermarket.  And he goes I get it now.  He goes this is just wheat and sugar.


Said but in Russia USSR.  All we have is the same colored box!  Wheat and Sugar for a hundred aisles.


In America you have wheat and sugar with a Tiger on the cover.  And the other one has a frog on the cover.  And the other one has a charm at the bottom, and a gift the special gift.


The idea of America is to give democracy and freedom to people.


But I think now more than ever.  It’s become more placating people and about pacifying them.  So they don’t ask for the amount of freedom they are guaranteed.


Almost like when police stop you and they are offended you seem to know your rights.  That happens more and more.


I mean even you wanna make this entirely about Wall Street we can.  Even the people that are down at each and every Occupy Wall Street that is sitting there quoting the law that have a legal team.


They still see their civil rights being cut at every single corner.  They still see excuses left and right.


Oh we wanna clean the park.  So we have to move everyone out.  And then we are gonna let you back in.


Oh you know they were rioting and, and the protestors got violent.  Oh maybe because you shot them with rubber bullets and you threw tear gas at them.


You know at some point, there needs to be some accountability not just from the protestors.  But also from the police reaction to things like that you know.


Alyona Minkovski:  Oh we have seen a lot of this police reaction lately.


Specifically in Oakland and other countries across the US as well.


Do you think there are police aren’t trained to ah…  to deal with people protest?  They only know how to suppress.  How to use militarized tactics.


Immortal Technique: I think they thought they could shut them off with a hard push.  But when they realize that it wasn’t going to be that easy.


Uhm I’ve seen different cities take different action.  We were just at Occupy Charlottesville.  And really the police seem to back off more than I have seen in New York.


There were porta-potties set up for people.  You know different regions, different cities are dealing with different problems.


So in a city like New York.  Where you have a population of 8 million.  And a migrating population that comes to work of another couple of million.  Well probably explain why a thousand more cops.


Where they concerned about rioting?  But my answer to that is always been.


Listen if we were 20,000 deep right then and there.  We could have torn downtown to pieces but we didn’t.


When you were macing women in the street.  We could have ripped the village limb from limb, but we didn’t.


Because we don’t hate America.  We love America and we wanted to see.  We want to see it become a better place.


Because people are out there sleeping out in the cold.  Because of a belief maybe if they live by example.  And they say you know I am willing to stay here in the streets.


I am willing to continue to be a voice for what supposed to be Democracy.  What supposed to be a Representative Democracy?


Then maybe that letter I wrote to my Senator.  Or that letter I wrote to my Congressman that their underpaid aid had gotten threw out somewhere.


Or overpaid aid and threw out somewhere that never got to them.  Maybe this is the only way that they can hear em.

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