Chris Hedges Occupy Wall Street Chris Hedges shuts down CBC Kevin O’Leary

Video Title:  Occupy Wall Street – Chris Hedges shuts down CBC Kevin O’Leary


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UPDATE — CBC issues apology on 2011-10-18…

CBC: “The watchdog says hundreds of complaints were filed after Mr. O’Leary called the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist “a nutbar” during CBC News Network’s The Lang & O’Leary Exchange on Oct. 6. The remark came during a seven-minute segment about the Occupy Wall Street protests unfolding in the United States.”

Occupy Wall Street – Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Chris Hedges shuts down CBC commentator Kevin O’Leary as they discuss Wall Street protests.

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Barack Obama: I think it expresses the frustration of the American people feel.  That we had the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression.


Huge collateral damage all throughout the country.  All across mainstream.


And.. yet we are still seeing some of the same folks that acted irresponsibly.  Ah.. trying to fight efforts to crack down on abusive practices, that got us from this problems in the first place


Amanda Lang:  That was Barack Obama earlier today.  Commenting on the growing frustration being expressed by the Occupy Wall Street Movement protesters.


That movement is spreading to cities across the United States, and across the border to Canada starting next week.

Chris Hedges is the Pulitzer Prize winning report and author.  And a participant at the Occupy Wall Street rally in New York last week, and in Washington today.


He joins us from our Washington bureau.  So Mr. Hedges you were a participant in the protest.  How would you describe your role in this movement?


Chris Hedges:  Ah.. I’m not an organizer.  Ah.. I’m speaking tonight at the rally in Washington.  And ah.. I’ve ah.. given interviews and ah.. participated in events in ah.. in New York


Kevin O’Leary:   So wha.. what exactly is everybody is complaining about?


And to us also give me a sense of how much momentum this movement has?


Because it looks pretty nothing bigger so far.  Its just a few guys, guitars, nobody knows what they want?


They can’t even name names of the firms that they are protesting against.  Very week, low budget.


Chris Hedges:  I wouldn’t agree with that assessment at all.  Ah they pulled thousands of people ah, into the streets last night.


Ah and ah.. here in Washington when everybody marched past Bank of America.


They.. they were shouting shame, shame, shame.  They know the names of these firms.  And they know what this firms have done.


Not only to the American economy but to the global economy.  And the criminal class that runs them.


Amanda Lang:  Well Kevin made this point of you know, nobody knows what they want.  What do you say to that?


We know that this is a very diverse group.  There are many different agendas at play.


Ah what is the sense you have?  Of what this, what this movement would like to see happen?


Chris Hedges:  They know precisely what they want.  Ah they want to reverse the corporate coup that’s taken place in the United States and rendered the citizenry impotent.


Ah and they wont stop until it happens.  And frankly ah, if we don’t break the back of corporations, we’re all finished anyway.


Since they rapidly trashing the ecosystem in which the human species depends for survival.  Uhm this is literally a fight for life.  Ah its that grave, its that serious.


Corporations, unfettered capitalism.  As Karl Marx understood is a revolutionary force.  It commodities everything, human beings, the natural world.  Which it exploits for profit until exhaustion or collapse.


And ah the bottom line is we don’t have much time left.  We are on the cusps of perhaps a major banking crisis in Europe.  Ah defaults in Greece, followed by Spain, Portugal.

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