Chris Hedges No way in US system to vote against banks

And I think what we seeing now is something different.  Ah I think that, ah the commonality of interest against the corporate state.  Is a kind of unifying factor, that could bring together everyone from.. a Libertarians, to people like myself who.. ah worked in 2008 for Ralph Nader

Alyona Minkovski:  We are still saying of course that ah.. the Hippie were being thrown around right now, the protesters.  Although if you looked around you can see its not just young people.  Its an older generation as well that’s taking part

Chris Hedges:  Its definitely younger

Alyona Minkovski:  But would you say ah.. is there a fear here?  Lets say if the economy does finally rebounds.  Gets back on track.  May will we see the same thing as post 60′s.  Ah this people moved into the suburbs.  They got jobs and they are the ones working in the financial sector.

Chris Hedges:  No because the fact is there are no jobs.

I mean ah.. real wages for American workers since the early 70′s have remained stagnant or declined.

Ah we maintain both a level of consumption and an empire.. ah thru credit.  Ah that credit has dried up.

Ah it, it the manufacturing base has been decimated.

Ah Wall Street speculators, remember in the 17th century speculation was a crime.  Speculators were hunged.

Uhm ah they control our financial system.  And ah so the idea that we are going to rebound.  When we were watching the European banking system as I speak stand on the edge of collapse.

Ah its not just Greece that’s going to default.  But most likely Italy, Portugal, Spain.  And the repercussions of that are going to reach our shores.

So ah there are no restrictions placed on Wall Street.  They looted the US Treasury in 2008.  They went right back to their old games.

Ah and are headed most likely for another crash.  Ah and unless we stand up and stop them.  They’ll come back and help themselves to whatever money we have left.

Alyona Minkovski:  Now of course this October 2011 Movement is about corporatism.  Its also about militarism.  And now it has been 10 full years in the war in Afghanistan.  Do you think its ever gonna end?

Chris Hedges:  Yeah because we are losing a war.

Ah the Taliban controls about 70 – 75% of Afghanistan. Ah we have replicated the disastrous occupation of the Red Army.  Where we control the urban centers sort of.

I mean we see attacks even in Kabul.  Ah but 20% of the Afghans live in urban centers.  The rest of the country is either controlled by the Taliban or in dispute.

And uhm.. ah its an unsustainable bore.  Both financially and militarily.  Ah both in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We bought a kind of temporary graveyard peace.  After 1.2 million Iraqis were killed.

I spent a lot of time in Iraq and I can assure you that also over the long term is no sustainable.  So this are wars we can’t win.

Ah we’ve wasted what?  4 trillion dollars absurd sums of money.  Ah that could have been used to put every American in this country to work.

Ah give us the best public education in the world as well access to the finest health care in the world.  And we just poured it down a ravel

Alyona Minkovski:  Chris thank you so much for joining us today

Chris Hedges:  Thanks for having me

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