About PodScribed, Why!

The basic premise behind Podscribed, is that while video is a beautiful medium to convey data to people, its content is not available in the search engines for people to find.

E.G. a 1 hour podcast contains approx 25,000 words, these words are not indexed anywhere on the internet.

Our goal is to provide transcripts in text of as many wonderful podcasts and videos available, so this textual content secreted inside the video medium can be extracted and able to be found by people using search engines, looking for topics described in these videos/podcasts.

Additionally we provide a search service, so people can search the transcripts for what they are looking for, instead of scrolling through hours of video which inherently takes a lot of time.

We provide this content to help people with hearing impairments to access the material inside these videos/podcasts that was not previously accessible. If you know of any hearing impaired communities, please pass them a link to this site as we would like their feedback.

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